Critical Mass Collective seeds back in stock @ The Original Seeds Store !

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  1. Critical Mass Collective

    Monster Mass
    Critical Mass x Critical +
    Smoke in moderation because one extremely rare phenotype tested THC percentages at just over 22% making for a truly overwhelming experience.

    Auto Massassin
    Monster Mass x AK47 x CMC Big Bud
    Shes initially hard hitting with a big impact on all of the senses, mellowing out into a relaxing and therapeutic mind and body pulse. Perfect for that first one after a long hard day.

    Auto Monster Mass

    Monster Mass x CMC Big Bud Auto
    Nothing has been taken away from her in power a truly overwhelming experience.

    Auto Sour Melon Mass

    Monster Mass x Sensi Star x CMC Big Bud Auto
    Expect flushed cheeks and a real heady, ceiling high that is intense but manageable, with no paranoia, or un-comfortableness.

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