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Critical Kush?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by EastBayFire510, Jul 9, 2013.

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    Hello, anyone know anything about barney's farm Critical kush? Just ordered a 10 pack off attitude. They also gave me some freebies.
    FEMINIZED UFO #1 TH Seeds Ultra Sour
    FEMINIZED UFO #2 G13 Labs Seeds Blue OG
    FEMINIZED UFO #3 Dinafem Seeds DinaChem
    TH Seeds Underdawg OG
    T H Seeds Akorn AKA Snowbud
    T H Seeds Sage 'n' Sour
    EDIT - Just got an email update to my order. Got a free 10 pack of KC Brains California Special added to my order because of a slight error on my last order with attitude. All in all I got a total of 26 seeds for the price of the Critical Kush. Attitude has an AAA++ customer service. I highly recommend them.
    Anyone grown any of these strains? What was the difficulty, how was the smell, How'd it taste, how'd it look, how'd it smoke? Thanks in advanced for answering any of my questions!

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    I'm growing the g13 blue og right now, doesn't seem too hard.Couldn't tell you how it smokes tho. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  3. Does she stretch much? Does she handle nutes well?
    If you start em right I doubt there would be much stretching. I started 9 .5gal pots under a single 23W cfl for lack of a ballast due to slow shipping and had significant stretching across the board(plants were like 3 inches tall with .5 inch wide tops). But if you look at my journal I'm already on my 2nd-3rd node tie-down on my LST and things are working fine. Just make sure you start em right! That extra top growth slowed my actual veg growth by atleast a couple days.
  5. I know the Sage n sour grows well! Others sound good too! Good luck man
  6. Trimmin some critical kush right now...decent weight and great smell and density...cant wait to try it
  7. That critical kush looks amazing!  That's some legit fire for sure. How many days of flower?
  8. I was actually considering critical kush in line for my next grow but I've got enough stoney highs cookin' in the tent already so I'm settling on some purple kush and more sativa-y strains. Those budshots look amazing though!
  9. went 9 weeks..surprised it got a little purple no low temps either...i just wanna smoke it now haha
    I chose it because of the very high THC production, which will keep me happy :)
    Haven't seen any pictures of the critical kush have purple on them, but that purple makes it look that much better. I will keep my eyes open for that purple pheno xD
  11. Update to my order is an extra 10 pack of KC Brains California Special.
  12. Aww I shoulda contacted em about my order, I thought I placed an order when they were doing one of these super promos and woulda gotten tons of freebies and ended up with no freebies at all cuz I didnt actually place the order.
  13. Yeah, they hooked it up.
  14. I have recently just acquired critical kush from the tude any tips on getting a high yield?
  15. I'm in week 4 of flower with critical kush and a lemon kush, blue venom. Critical kush is a heavy feeder. They are pretty decent size for being half way done.

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  16. turns out that was the white urkle and i got em mixed up lol...sorry guys...the critical was a lot bigger though and was still real good
  17. Have any pics of the critical?

    unfortunately no sorry...only had one fem and it looked just like barneys pic though...all chunky buds with small hairs
  20. hi.

    I want to use critical kush to help me sleep, but also to help with my sleep apnea.
    Does anyone know, will it leave me groggy the next morning?

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