Critical Kush troubles

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  1. Hello guys. Have 6 CK plants about 3 weeks into veg. Growing in ocean forest with room temps at 73 and humidity at 60%. All 6 plants were humming along then 2 stopped taking up water and the leaves are starting to dry out and curl. I've attached a few pics. Just looking for any thoughts on the matter.
    PS this happened after I gave the 6 their first feeding last week

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  2. You're telling me that those plants are only 3 weeks into veg? I've never had a plant that went from seed or clone to that size in only 3 weeks, especially Critical Kush. We grew that strain pretty hard and heavy for a couple of years. This looks like a nutritional deficiency to me. You're going to have to provide more information about how you're treating these plants, besides nute application. What do you water with? How often do you water and what determines when it's time? Do you manage the pH of water/feeds? Do you use heavily filtered water? Just give us more info that what you have above and that will help determine the direction we need to go. TWW
  3. I water with tap water left to sit for 24 hours. Usually Ph around 6.3-6.7. Water with 2 gallon buckets about every 4 days or when the pot are light.
    Been growing medical for a fews years. Ive got the watering times down and always have used the same water. Just can't figure out why those 2 are affected and the others are thriving?? All have been on exact schedule

    and technically the plants have vegged longer but they been in the 20 gallon pots for 3 weeks
  4. They are starving for some nitrogen. They are using the food and energy from their lower leaves to supplier their upper leaves the food and energy they are not getting from their medium or the nutrients you are not feeding them and they need!

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