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  1. A buddy of mine has this AMAZING mother plant with well over 25 established tops. But it wont clone. 10 clones died after 25 days in a diy bubbler. 3 of the clones just barely put out a single tiny root each. I never had luck cloning anything to begin with but i figured id get on here and ask for advice for him. its a small 2 gal rectangle container with roughly 6 inches of water in the bottom with an air stone in it. Started with clones in the water then raised them to where they were just out of the water, but getting splashed by the bubbles. kept a dome on them all the time except for 5-10 minutes a day for fresh air. He said he made home made rooting hormone from new growth of a willow tree. Any suggestions? i couldnt imagine it being the strain.
  2. I would suggest going to buy a rooting hormone from home depot.
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  3. Go buy some clone x. Make sure there is still fresh air going into the dome. The dome is only there to increase humidity. There should still be some holes in it for air.
  4. No hormone necessary, the plant will make plenty on its own ;).

    Make sure you're using soft herbaceous cuts, these are usually not the alpha nodes.

    Now make sure you're water is maintaining a 5.8 ph, exactly.

    Lower temps in the cloner to 68 -70.

    They will root, I promise.

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