Critical HOG Bubble bucket SCROG. First time.

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  1. So I started a thread a month or so ago here.

    Finally finished getting the hydro setup put together and leak free.

    This was me trying to get everything together and prepare for the grow. I got my seeds about a week ago and everything so far looks good. It is about 7 days old right now. Have not added any nutes yet but I am thinking of starting around Wednesday night. Sitting on a 18/6 cycle right now.

    Only thing I am currently worried about is the smell but I think I might end up getting a inline carbon filter and attaching it to the vent on the top to keep the smell down. Still have yet to build the screen but that should take a few bucks and a hour of time to knock out.

    First grow so any and all advice, tips or tricks are welcome.

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  2. Looking like a healthy sprout! Hope this grow goes great for you

    Wish I could help on the hydro setup with the nutes and ppms but I'm a soil guy
  3. Update!!!
  4. i wouldnt add nutes until A.) the first set of round leaves fall off or B.) you reach around 3-4 nodes.

    also start lightly. figure out what 1/4 strength is and start there..

    what kind of light? ph? nutes??
  5. hey, i am looking forward to seeing how your grow goes! I got this seed as a freebie on attitude a few weeks back and am thinking about running it in my closet too. I am on the hunt for a strong mother and am curious to see how this baby grows
  6. Ya I picked this seed up as a freebie as well. Got around 17~ seeds so thought this would be a good starter and if it does good I will pull some clones from it.

    For this grow I am using CFL lights. Right now there is a 100 watt 5500k and a 70 watt 2200k light in there. I have room for 4 more bulbs and will be adding those when the plant gets a bit bigger. Right now the ph is sitting around 6-6.5ish. For the nutes I bought the general hyroponics starter line so I will be using their feeding chart starting off a little light on the nutes when I start.

    Hopefully next grow I can move up to a tent with a larger light. Then use this cab as a clone area and work from there.

    Moved the light up about a half inch today but other than that no change. Will post some pictures tomorrow when I get home.

    One question I do have is should I pick up a ppm meter? Looks handy but not really critical if you know your water usage and nutes.
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    Are they 100 actual watts or equivalent? How far from your plant is the light? At that small with cfl's I would have it about 4-5" away.

    Ph in hydroponics is optimal at 5.8. 6.5 is a bit high bro. I wouldn't go past 6.0 myself. That's playing it safe. Is your res chilled or kept cool?

    Honestly man, a ph meter and a ppm meter are both critical for hydro. IMO

    What kind of set up are you running, how big of a res? Pump?
  8. I am going to say they are 100w equivalent. 23w actual for the 100w lights. When all the lights are in there are 3 100w eqiv and 3 70w eq. Think they are to dim? Right now the plant is sitting about 2 inches away from the lights. My res temps last time I took them in a dry run where about 60~. Think i should throw some iced bottles in it or is that about cool enough?

    K i will def pick up a ppm meter then. They seem to be reasonable on amazon.
  9. Bro look on ebay for 105w photography bulb in the 65k spectrum and in 24k spec. Buy one of each and the supplement with those 23w cfls around the sides, that way you get the biggest bang out of cfls. Plus those 100w bulbs are only like 15$ if you search photragraphy instead of grow lamp lol it's a pretty big bulb about the size of a monster emery drink but it's a cheap way to get good use of cfl IMO

    Res temp is a big factor too bro gotta keep it cool, if its a constant 60 I would leave it but if it gets any Warmer than 70ish I would start lowering it with ice or water bottles or something like that.

    P.s I probably edited my last post too late, what are you growing in? Buckets? How big? Pump size?
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    Cool thanks for the tips. Might pick some of those bulbs up. Only issue is size, prob would have to redo the light positioning with the pvc but no big if I could squeeze a bit more light in the box.

    I will have to recheck the temps of the res today just to make sure since the heater down there has been trying to keep up with out 0 degree nights lately.

    As far as res/pump and things, I am using 2 5 gallon totes. One for res and the other for the bubble bucket. Have it circulating that way. I am using a 120GPH pump. Pushes lots of water so I had to turn the valve all the way down to get the flow i needed. The bubble bucket sits about a inch higher then my res. Drew up a little diagram in paint.

    Really appreciate the feedback!

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  11. Got cha.. Totes are always a good idea when your trying to save space.
  12. Subbed. Hope things go well man! I'm starting close to the same thing with some Black Diesel from Advanced seeds.
  13. Got home today and tested the water and added more lights. Added the other 4 lights till I can get a larger cfl. Water is sitting at 63 degrees so that is good to go. With the lights on and fan it is staying about 80 degrees at plant height.

    Also I lifted the pot out of the water to check down there and noticed a single long root. Few inches long. I also noticed a more purple stem now. Looks all good to me.

    Here are some new pictures taken this morning.

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  14. Now that your root has hit water you want to drop the level about an inch below your net pot. And then you should see a huge growth spirt. After a week if it being an inch below I would start to slowly add nutes
  15. Cool I will drop it a inch after its dark cycle. Though I have one issue it looks like the water is not flowing as well as I hoped from the bottom line (between two buckets). I do have a valve put in there I am thinking of removing it so that its just un restricted flow and not worry about that inline valve since in I do not see it being needed. Would be a easy fix when I change water.
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    WOOOOOO Updates!!!!!!!!

    Been a few days so thought I would snap some more close picks and update on what is going on. So the plant looks good but just seems to be growing fairly slowly. Looks like my 105w light wont show up until the end of the week so hopefully adding the extra bulb will increase the growth. I also added 1/4 strength nutes to the res few days ago. Going to make it half when I change the water at the end of the week. Other than that just checking the ph daily and making sure things look good.

    There is also a lot more root growth happening behind the scenes.

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    Another update!!!!

    Week 3ish and I just got my new light and Ppm meeter. The new light is HUGE biggest CFL I have ever seen. It is comically large. I laughed for a good 5 minutes before it hit me that I had to try and figure out how to put it in my light setup. Though I got it in there with out much fuss. Just had to rearrange how things were sitting.

    I changed the water and added nutes to it. PPM was kind of low, only around 700~ range. GH feeding chart said it should be around 900~. Though I am using distilled water. Might need to recalibrate the meter as well. Though it was reading my distilled as 0-1. Plant to me looks healthy but there is a little yellow around the edge of some leaves. Dunno if that is of any concern or not.

    Water temps are sitting around 65 degrees, might start adding ice to the res since the new light seems to create a bit more heat. Also think my fan is not running at full speed since it is spliced to a 12v adapter rather than a ATX supply.

    Also wondering about when should consider switching to 12-12 lighting. Right now the guy is still a bit small so I think another 2/3 weeks before the switch? What do you guys think?

    Well here are some pics, give tips as you see fit :)

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  18. New bulb looks nice bro :laughing: how much space do you have to work with? That answer should help you answer when to flip as plants usually double or even triple in size when they flower.
  19. Ok, good to know. Well as you see in like the 6th picture I have a small area to work with. Bout 20 inches in height, little less with the new giganta bulb. So I might flip it at 8 inches and start training it around then too. Just need to get some materials and figure out a way to make a suitable screen.
  20. Here's what I would do bro. When it gets 4 nodes I would top it, bend it over and lst around your pot. Once it makes a full circle I would flip then and keep lsting through flower

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