Critical Cure, Blue Shark and Auto Blue Cheese First Grow

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    Hey, this is one of my first grows, I did a grow when I was much younger
    with a Lowryder which didn't yield much but now with the new knowledge
    of CBD I am back at it again.

    Here are my girls!
    I put them in some paper towels on July 30th

    My nutrience are General Organics, I have read that they are not ideal
    for hydroponics so I will run out tomorrow to grab some General
    Hydroponics nutrience. I think this may help with my drastic PH
    fluctuations and as soon as I get the lower compartment of my cabinet
    set up I will be moving the girls to larger buckets. I suspect they want
    some Cal/Mg so I gave them some at 5 ml per gallon (3.7 gallon
    container). Let me know if you guys have any suggestions. I would love
    some guidance.

    Have some AN Senizym on the way as well.

    Auto Blue Cheese
    IMG_1939.jpg IMG_1940.jpg

    Blue Shark
    IMG_1941.jpg IMG_1942.jpg

    Critical Cure
    IMG_1945.jpg IMG_1946.jpg

    I was told that I have some root rot so I changed my reservoir with some hydrogen peroxide and Epsom salt to help with what seems to be a mg deficiency.


  2. I definitely had some root rot so I treated the roots with a bath of H2O2. I cleaned and changed the reservoir and added 3 ml per gallon of SM-90. SM-90 really helped promote new rot growth and after a day, they seemed to have recovered and were growing vigorously. I have been adding SM-90 to the reservoir since and it has been doing a good job at keeping the Pythium at bay. A couple of days ago I added some Sensizym to the reservoir and within 24 hours there was brown crap all in the roots and within the reservoir. I had to once again wash out the roots and clean and change the reservoir. This time, I transplanted them to bigger buckets until they are ready to go to the flowering cabinet. I also super cropped the main stem and pruned a little. I'm a little regretful that I did this to the Autoflower Blue Cheese, because a day after they started showing pistils but its fine, they'll survive and I'll try to give them a less stressful flowing period.


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  3. Those roots look a million times better. Hopefully the auto can handle the rough ride :D
  4. Any news ?

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