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crispy and dry

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thegreenlantern, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. ive had this one bag of bud for a while and its all dried out as hell

    it falls apart when i break it up so what can i put in my bag that will moisten it up
  2. put a lil piece of lemon or orange peel in there for a couple hours... itll make it more "pliable". but if it gets too wet the weed gets all tough and nasty

    the peel doesnt have to touch the weed either. just put it in the bag for a few hours... just to leave it long enough so that mold might grow
  3. A moist but fully wrung out sponge in the corner of your bag will do the trick in under 12 hours.
  4. ya basically anything that will release moisture slowly i guess.
    but lemon makes ur stash smell and taste like lemon =D
  5. Yeah, lemon or orange peel adds for a tasty delight.

    Wtf, I just said "tasty delight"...
  6. i've used sliced cucumber in an airtight plasticbag with the weed.
  7. As GM said, a piece of lettuce works fine.
  8. why moisten it up...... it burns better when dry gets ya wayyyyyy more ripped too.... gotta love the dry crunch budd... just take one hitters of it soo ya don't burn it all up....
  9. I could go for a tasty delight, I havent ever done the lemon or orange peel myself but i think ill try it right now.

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