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Criminal Court Summons! :/

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JointsOnly, May 7, 2011.

  1. Long story short, I got a summons after getting into a little fight for disorderly conduct, I didn't have any ID so I gave him a nick name that people call me (Daniel) but that isn't the actual name on my birth certificate. Will I be in the clear if I don't show up to the summons? Any help or suggestions will be listened to and appreciated.
  2. bench warrant. btw they wouldnt give a summons if they did not know exactly who you were, they couldnt.
  3. Why would you say that? I have no previous run ins with the law..and even so, it was not my real name and they couldn't verify it because I didn't have any identification, so they let me go with a summons with information I gave based on my word.
  4. wasnt there a thread exactly identical to this one...
  5. well, if ya gave them fake info i dont know why youd ask.....if you show up and tell them what you did theyll nail ya with other charges as well (obstruction of justice for sure, perhaps forgery if you signed anything....other stuff too probbly)

    people always get into more trouble trying to get out of trouble than they would have in the 1st place.
  6. Yep! "Summons from the pigs"... I guess he didn't like the answers he got in that thread.
  7. Yaaaa, you're going to get in more trouble for giving them a fake name. They have your address in there, they know who you are and where you live.
  8. Yeah giving a fake name is like a terrorism charge or something now I think.
  9. lol why would you assume he gave his real address after giving a fake name?
  10. ikr? and I didn't. I can either show up to court or not go, because here's the whole story. If it turns out I should go, then that's okay too, because I gave them my real name, but not my birth certificate registered name, so technically it's my name and last name (last name very common) but not the actual name on my ID and birth certificate. So basically it's a valid alias and last name..and I gave them my old address that I lived at like 3 years ago. I never been to court before so how does a disorderly conduct trial even work?
  11. You better get that shit taken care of bro i got in trouble for giving a cop the wrong name.

    i got falsification and ubstruction of justice added on for that one. did 4 years on probation and eventually failed enough drug tests for bud i had to quit for 9 months.

    i would have to say amazing t break tho.

    go dude, get it taken care of. your a man take care of your responsibilities. then blaze up:smoke:
  12. How did that happen Trippy? Usually that happens when someone presents a fake ID and the cop sees through it. The officer was supposed to ID me, or arrest me to be ID'd, but he let me go with information based on my word.

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