Crimes of Indiscretion: Marijuana Arrests in the United States

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  1. Crimes of Indiscretion

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    Crimes of Indiscretion: Marijuana Arrests in the United States, compiled by Jon Gettman, PhD is a comprehensive study reporting and analyzing national arrest data between 1995 and 2002. This online version contains the original downloadable full report in PDF format, various other browser-friendly extracts from the report and NORML's Marijuana Arrests Investigator Flash tool, a companion application specifically designed for this project where you can create custom maps of arrest data dynamically from search parameters you enter.

    The author would like to thank all the individuals who reviewed this manuscript at various stages of its production and provided proofreading, comments, and suggestions., most especially Paul Armentano, James Austin, and Allen St. Pierre for their valuable contributions and assistance. The NORML Foundation thanks and appreciates the Threshold Foundation for their generous financial and visionary support in helping to craft this comprehensive cannabis arrest/use report and analysis.

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