Crimea Blue + Himalayan Gold + Power Kush - HPS/CFL Soil Grow

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    Cab Setup:

    • 3.5' x 2' x 6.5'
    • Shelf ~2' from bottom - Top for flowering, Bottom for vegging; 3" corner cut out for air circulation between veg/flower
    • 2 x 80mm PC fans for intake @ veg area [w/ screen + light trap]
    • 2 x 80mm PC fans for intake @ flowering area [w/ screen + light trap]
    • 1 x 80mm PC fan @ bottom corner to circulate veg air up to flower area
    • Ecoplus 180 CFM Squirrel cage blower [exhaust cut out at top behind MH/HPS light]
    • ** will be adding carbon scrubber **
    • Mini 4" Desk fan pointed at 400 watt MH/HPS light


    • 2 x 26 watt 6500K CFL
    • 4 x 27 watt 5500K CFL
    • 4 x 23 watt 2700K CFL [will use during flowering w/ HPS]
    • 400 watt HPS/MH convertible

    Soils + Nutrients + Water

    • Fox Farms Ocean Forest cut with FF Light Warrior (2:1)
    • FF Grow Big, Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom
    • Crystal Geyser Spring Water [pH adjusted]


    • 3x Barney Farms Crimea Blue Feminized
    • 3x Greenhouse Seeds Himalayan Gold Feminized

    Soaked the seeds in water for 6 hours, all 6 sank. Gently placed them ~1/2-3/4" underneath pre-watered (and drained) soil, currently in medium sized Jiffy Peat pots. They sprouted a few days ago. For the first few days, been keeping them under the CFLs. After the 1st set of true leaves [the serrated ones], added the 400 watt MH light 25" above pots.

    So far the babes are on Day 3 after sprouting. CFLs have been going 24/0 since sprout, MH on every now and then for a few hours when I'm in the room to make sure it doesn't burn down my place. Unfortunately, I didn't have the CFLs mounted securely enough, because one slipped and ended up frying one Crimea Blue sprout and getting half a cotyledon on a Himalayan Gold, but I think the Himalayan Gold will survive, just slowed growth for now since the first set of true leaves are fine ** see Pic 3 **.

    Eventually going to move them to bigger pots, 3.5 gallon space permitting. Since this is my first grow, I'll probably utilize the entire space for the first crop. Then as I do a second round with clones and/or seeds, I'll split the cab into veg/flower areas again.

    For this first round, I'm planning on LSTing + topping [LBH's 4-way LST] the plants. Gonna aim for a ScrOG-ish grow without the screen. Also once they've filled out a bit, gonna take clones for round 2. Will probably shoot for SOG on Round 2 and after just for faster harvest times.

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    so it's officially Day 5 after sprouting from soil.

    girls looking pretty good so far. i've been gone for the past 24 hours, so i haven't been able to give them their TLC they usually get every hour lol but one girl got a yellow/brownish burn along the tip of one of her first true leaves. i'm assuming its heat burn [one of my CFLs was, of course, a little close to her], don't see how it could be nute burn since i've only been feeding them water..

    oh well she'll recover quickly enough, hopefully it's not enough to force her to hermie :mad:

    greatest fuckin news in the world (yes, even better than that time you heard that megan fox was giving away free blowjobs) the crimea blue plant that i thought died HAS GREEN GROWTH COMING OUT OF ITS STEM. ** see pic 1 ** so i decided to keep watering her and see if she'll emerge a budd-iful budderfly from her dead cocoon

    my temp/humidity monitor hasn't come in the mail yet, so i duno the temps exactly, but it's definitely less than 85*F, warm-hot but not uncomfortable from the MH light, CFLs not hot unless you touch the damn things. humidity i have a shitty $5 humidity monitor that is +/- 10% lol and it is usually around 50 or 60.

    in other news, has anyone ever smoked bud that smelled like skunk, but tasted like a purp?? my friend hooked me up with an eighth of it and its sticky as hellllll. he doesn't know name/genetics. very strong, lasting skunk but we smoked it and it was very GDP-ish. it's def a sativa dominant, but has a little creeper indica stone in the background. anyone ever had??

    pic2 :: garden shot
    pic3 :: himalaya golds
    pic4 :: crimea blues

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    Looking nice so far, I'll be following this one along. I was really interested in the crimea blue, but went with the blue cheese instead.

    Just saw your sprout that is reviving itself! One of my blue cheese did the same thing, One of the coolest things ever to see it grow and come to life without the cotyledon, be prepared for it to grow a bit slower than all the others, but with some love she should do just fine!
  4. thanks for following along huecotroph. checked out your grow, lookin pretty good, i'll be sure to follow it as you go.

    just an update. so far i've been using the 400 watt MH and 160 watts of daylight CFLs, and my plants are looking really compact. the 2nd set of leaves is coming in strong, but they're basically right on top of the first set.

    since i was planning on LSTing, i switched out 120 watts of daylight CFLs for soft white CFLs, with 40 watts of daylight CFLs. hopefully this will help give some space between nodes so the plants can be tall enough to tie down

    otherwise everythings looking good, nice and healthy growth :hello:
  5. WOW, Thats a lot of light on seedlings! How do you like using the MH? I've been thinking about getting one but currently my T5 set up seems to do the trick nicely since I only veg for 4 weeks. My space is definately limited though to directly under the lights....
  6. yeah it does seem like a lot of light, but they seem to be loving it. the MH is still ~25" from the tops of the babes. they look pretty hearty for their age, don't they?

    the temps during the day get pretty warm, but only because its getting 85-90*f night it seems cool enough. the ecoplus blower seems to be doing a great job, rated for 180 CFM. i just wish i could get cooler air for intake..

    and can't wait until the girls get bigger so i can see some accelerated growth!!
  7. Hey man I highly suggest not using that type of pot. they absorb all the moisture from the soil. And you need to water a more often and the roots have some trouble getting through. You could transplant them buy cutting old pot off. I usually just get party cups that are not clear and make holes on the bottom and it always works great.
  8. yeah i'm planning to cut the pot in half and transplant them either into 1 gallon buckets or wait a week or two then move them to final 3.5 gallon buckets. since i'm using FF OF cut with FF LW, i actually like these pots since they drain quickly. plus since i have so much lighting, i end up watering every 2.5 - 3 days. that gives the whole pot time to dry out to let those roots grow out looking for water. so far haven't had any problems with over/under watering
  9. Hey man, thanks for the +rep on the guide. :)

    Stopping by to check out the grow, looks like you've done your homework before starting - good thing, too! It looks like you know what you're doing.

    Good luck with the grow bro, I'll be watching. (subscribed!)
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    what up everyone

    day 7 ========
    so far all the plants lookin as well as can be, the 2nd & 3rd blades of the 2nd leaves seem to be settling in, gaining some size, which is nice. the soil was pretty much dry about halfway down, and the pot weights felt like dry soil. also i've been running the MH and CFLs 24/0 with a oscillating tower fan at the cab entrance, so thats prob why the pots dried out half a day quicker. no drooping / burns to be seen, makes me happy :)

    anyway i decided to plant my dinafem power kush and dinafem moby dick [free seeds i got from attitude with my order] seeds today. i'm planning on bonsai mother-ing these 2 then take cuttings once i get my 2nd round [SOG] started. same deal with the first round, fox farms ocean forest cut with FF light warrior, 2:1 ratio, pre-watered. soaked the seeds for about 9 hours this time, hopefully cut down on the "time to sprout." used 1 gallon plastic buckets w/ 5 drainage holes, which will be their final resting pots. placed them in the lower veg area of the cab, no lights as of yet. will put them with the other girls once they sprout. planning to keep them to ~1 ft height

    props to nugglord for finding + sharing the great bonsai mother's guide:


    just had some train wreck, it was great. finished the jay on the way home hit head and body high at the same time and was stupefied for a good 5 minutes. pure bliss. didn't last too incredibly long, but then again i pieced the jay with my friend and my tolerance has been pretty high as of late. anyway it was some tasty bud, fruity background almost.

    and just had meself a blunt using zig-zag wraps [haven't seen these before..are they new??] apple blitz...smelled pretty good. rolled in some grape ape. i must say that bud should NOT be rolled in a blunt..completely ruined the taste..feelin good though now as i bang this out lol..gorilla..ish..GRRRRAAAAHHHH EMPIRE..STATEE..BUILLDDINGGG....RAAAAHHHHHHH *THUMPS CHEST* just looked at that after i got distracted by a fucking spot on my desk i thought was a gecko and i guess that's a smoke report in and of itself.
  11. day 9 ===================
    so i've run into a few problems. for one a CFL angled downwards when i was asleep and finally killed off that tortured little crimea blue sprout :( god damn lights giving me so much trouble

    so this morning i checked the garden and found that all 5 of my plants had light green splotches/patches forming on the otherwise dark green, healthy looking leaves. also the leaves were starting to point pots were pretty much bone dry. could this be underwatering??? no other differences...

    also i got my temp/humidity monitor today finally. more bad news, apparently it's reading @ 98*F at 11 am with all the lights on. humidity is at a measly 27%....i don't know what i can do to make it cooler since my place gets hot already [85*F] cause of the weather outside [85*F], and i've got a shit ton of ventilation...any suggestions??

    the plants have been in these conditions for awhile...but they still seem to be growing pretty well.

    so far what i've done is give the plants a good watering, turned off the 400 watt MH lamp, just going with ~150 watts of CFLs for now.

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    day 9 update
    8 pm

    so the plants are doing better under the CFLs for the day..the dried up light green areas are slowly going away, but on some plants its taking longer and theres some shiny, silvery looking film..its hard to get a picture of it its on most of the plants. and some leaves are still shriveled upwards and light green with a little dark green healthy looking leaf.

    i'm checking temps and humidity with the MH and CFLs on with all fans goin hard. hopefully the temps will be tolerable at night with cooler air. so far so good, stable at 88*F, 48% RH

    and last but not least, my power kush mother sprouted! whoo.
  13. lookin good so far bro. Glad to hear thepower kush has sprouted :D This is shaping up to be a fun grow already. Ill be stickin around for sure, if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)
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    mmm here's my Firecracker Report =================

    so monday night, i put together a mix. 50:50 nutella regular and organic peanut butter [the kind with the oil at the top, but mix it all before you use it]. used regular ...graham crackers [wow thats so hard to spell stoned]. was enough to make 5 good sized firecrackers.

    mixed in about 6 grams of trainwreck and grape ape and ground it up very finely and then mixed it in. put this in a tupperware and closed it, put it in a warm dark place [like my veg area woot]. i left it there until wed night. my friend hooked me up with a fat bag of shake so i put in about 2.5g of mixed shake, some purp, ww, random outdoor, and mixed that all up again.

    thursday morning i put the mix into the fridge to help it solidify so i could it put on the crackers. then i took it out and put on a healthy heaping of the nutella peanutbutter deliciousness on both crackers, then put them on top of each other, then wrapped them in aluminum foil [or tin foil, whatever floats yer boat]. stuck them in a preheated oven in the middle rack for 15 min on 300*F, then moved them to a different oven at 325*F and left it in there for 5 min, then moved it back to 300*F oven for 15 more minutes. then i stuck them in the fridge to solidify. 5 min later ate one. delicioussssss nutella really smooths everything out.

    1 hour 45 min later, walking back from class - wwwwwwwwoooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. out. of. my. inside. out. mind. what. the. hell. amazing.

    i must also say that my tolerance for smoking is pretty damn high. daily, multiple dailys, almost every other hour for weeks. every other edible i've had, i got nothing. not even extended highs with smoking after. but these. THESE. theeeesssssseeeeeeee. yes. win.

    so if anyone ever wanted to experience edibles for the first in fucking ever then try this! don't just do the sit out method, don't just bake it and eat it, do BOTH. ORLY?
    ya rly. and remember try to use as much bud as you can. it takes a lot to feel anything [at least for me]. by using both methods, YOU GET MAXIMUM EXTRACTIONSSSSSSSSS BEAST JUICE

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    day 11 ======= day 3 power kush =======
    finally got my mylar in!! woot temps at 84*F, 45% RH with all lights and fans goin. got a nice tower oscillating fan and moved my mini desk fan to blow over the girls to build stronger stems.
    so an hour ago i watered my garden again. pH is around 6.5-7.0. i'm going to pH adjust the next watering lower to 6.0-6.5. i'm also planning on giving them their 1/4 or 1/8 feeding of big bloom since the fox farms feeding schedule says give it to them after a week or so. that'll be in about 2 days depending on how fast the pots dry out.

    anyway the heat burn on all the babes has turned into damaged and probably dying leaves now :( duno what to do about it but let them go their own way. i've attached pictures of all the plants.

    power kush sprout seems to be doing well, gettin wiggly

    the tupperware w/ paper towel + water is my humidity control. i keep the tupperware filled with cool water, and the paper towel soaks it up and it's resting on the edge of the rim. the fans blow over the towel and humidify the garden. keeps the cab around 40-55% RH

    i was curious, so i found my moby dick seed, and it's sending out its root, but has yet to sprout upwards, so i decided to cover her back up and re-water both of the mother plants.

    i forgot where i read it, but i read that dinafem moby dick likes pH 6.5 and lower.. so i'm going to try and feed my seed lower pH water to help her sprout.

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    day 14 ========== 6 power kush mother============
    so yesterday i started my FF Big Bloom liquid ferts. the reason why i started so early is because i feel as if i mixed in too much FF light warrior with the FF ocean forest, so the soil isn't as rich in nutrients as it normally would be. if you've been following along, you know i had troubles with heat burns on my plants [plus the pots were bone dry, didn't help at all]. so after using only the CFLs for 24 hours, the leaves continued to yellow and dry out, which i thought could be from lack of nutes, since they spent the day in a cool 75*F w/ breeze.

    for the past few days i've been watering the girls every day. this is because i have the 400 watt MH putting off a ton of heat and the 160 watts of CFLs a few inches away. temps outside here at mid 70s - 80*F, so my room is usually 80 - 90*F w/ 40-50% RH. plus i've got an oscillating tower fan blowing over the gals and the pots 24/7, same as the lights. another reason why i'm watering so often is that the "jiffy peat pots" i'm using soak up a lot of the water from the soil and then the oscillating fan evaporates the water.

    after feeding the 2 crimea blues and 3 himalayan golds with the big bloom, the yellowed and dried up leaves seem to be slowly getting some green color back to them, and the new growth [4th leaf set, almost time to start that 4-way lst!!! excitedd] is a nice healthy green.

    my FF big bloom amounts:
    - 1/2 cap-full in 1 gallon of crystal geyser spring water, pH adjusted so runoff is ~6.0

    planning on transplanting the 3 strongest plants into 3.5 gallon buckets within the next few days, probably go for a 3:1 of OF:LW. The other 2 first rounders will be put into the 1 gallon black pots, also 3:1 OF:LW. the cab doesn't have enough room for 5 3.5 gallon i'll just have 2 smaller girls and 3 bigger ones :)

    and i've switched out 4 [of 6] daylight CFLs, and swapped in soft white CFLs, both are around 25 watts/bulb. the internodes on all of the girls are pretty damn short, which i would say is from being under only 6500K/5500K/MH lights for 24/0 for 2 weeks. hopefully the soft whites + MH will help increase the node spacing just enough so that i can kinky with my girls and tie em down
    the crimea blue and himalayan gold seeds that i soaked and planted finally sprouted today! gonna count tomorrow as their first day in the world since they're still opening up their cotyledons. these 2 are going to be bonsai mothers, providing clones for my SOG cycles along with the power kush mother thats been chugging along.

    only problem is that the dinafem moby dick hasn't sprouted yet. hopefully that root goes down and takes hold. i'll wait up to another week before i give up on her.

    mothers are in the 1 gallon black pots and are getting good ol' crystal geyser water. runoff is looking good, pH ~6.5

    also lowered the 400 watt MH so that its ~22" above the tops of the girls. hoping to get more light on them without burning them. got that tower fan blowing over them on high to keep em cool.

    the yellowing and spots on the plants are from the heat burns they got several days ago. so far they seem to be slowly regaining color though i dont really expect them to since they're mostly on older leaves. no sign of nute burn from the big bloom, but will keep checking
    pic 1 + 2 :: garden shot
    pic 3 :: crimea blue 3 AKA amber*, she's the strongest plant out of the 5 1st rounders
    pic 4 :: top of amber*, 4th set of leaves comin in strong
    pic 5 :: a HG w/ power kush mother
    pic 6 :: a diff HG w/ crimea blue mother
    pic 7 :: the other crimea blue w/ the himalayan gold mother

    *here's the story on why i named her amber. when i first planted her seed, i was getting anxious and i went looking for her to see if there was any progress goin underground; for some reason unknown to me, i couldn't find the damn seed, so i just gently aerated the top 2 inches and hoped that the seed would sprout somewhere in the pot and make it through. that night i watched america's most wanted and they had an amber alert, which is that a child has gone missing / kidnapped / etc. so i thought HEY if CB #3 sprouts, then i'll name her amber, since she was MY missing girl ;). eventually she popped up [conveniently in the middle of the pot too...] and she's been the healthiest out of all of them. beyootiful

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  17. hey bro... couple things.

    1. they don't need feeding till about week three (mighta already learned that)
    2. you want the runoff from the soil to be between 6.5 and 6.9 nor 6.0

    The girls look good maan. I'll be back to check on em for sure :)
  18. yeah for some reason i was thinking soil pH at 6.0 ...guess i got mixed up with hydro hahaha

    yea i read fox farms soils are set and no need for nutes til 3rd week or so
    but i've also seen a good amount of grows that followed the fox farms feeding schedule [using big bloom early, like week 1/2] that didn't have any problems.. *shrug

    after lookin around the sick plant section, i'm guessing my low pH locked out nutes, and that combined with the earlier heat stress

    i'm gonna let the pots finish drying out, then water and adjust the pH to around 6.5, no nutes for at least a week. hopefully the girls will recover and have explosive growth

    thanks for the heads up myles, i think you just saved my ladies :)
    will update in a few days when they're hopefully looking better
  19. NP bro, glad to be of assistance. Gotta give these ladies the best chance they can have to grow you some dank buds :)
  20. they look good for how young they are. i am attempting to sprout 3 bag seeds as of today and wanted to know how long did it take for them to spout aftr grmination. also, what was ur germing technique?? for 2 of the seeds i used the papertowel method and i just soil plant the other one

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