Cried for the first time in 2 years

Discussion in 'General' started by tokinbud420, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. I blame it on the wine and beer, but heres the story...

    Im chillin with a couple of my buddies and my brother just chillin watchin the bruins game. Its end of the 2n period for the bruins and I go to get some fun-yons cuz i was hngry n shit. So oout of fucking nowhere my dumbass drunk brother comes up to me all squared up, so he starts throwin body shots(so he says) and i catch 1 in the right side of my face and another in the chin. I was fucking PISSED mind you ive been drinkin wine n beer basically since 7 o clock, him too. I was so fucking mad that this asshole came up and started shit with me when i was grabbing FOOD to CHILL that I ALMOST punched the motherfucker in the left side of his head. Luckily for me, my budy allen stepped in and broke it up. I'm not gunna lie my brothers a strong dude, i'm 19 and my bros 23. I'm not afraid of this asshole but it just caught me so offguard that i was like WTF that i just started crying and laughing at the same time, honestly I blame the wine ive been drinkin cuz i havent cried in 2 years and I was honestly fucking SURPRISED when i did. Idk grasscity take this as you will, I'm drunk and wanted to get this off my chest. On an unrelated note I just saw who I THOUGHT was my boy after him bein in rehab for like FIVE months, I say wassup come up n drink and hes like na na man I gotta dip later, so w/e fuck him. its me against the world baby.
  2. Alcohol = Doing dumb things you regret, like pointless fights.
    Weed = Pass the bong dude, damn its a good day to be alive.
  3. I agree my good man, actually smoked a bowl about 20 minutes prior, guess the booze outweighed the weed:confused_2:

    now that I look back on it, I dont really regret it per say, it's more like "eh, whatever"
  4. Wow you're a manly man. Not even one tear?

    You a cold stone fox brah.
  5. I hate when you just want to chill and someone fucks with you.
  6. This is possibly the #1 most annoying thing someone could possibly do.
  7. Man ive thought about this a fair bit actually. All through highschool an even earlier, i told myself that i cant cry. That MEN dont cry. So i bottled shit, and it worked. I honestly didnt cry for years and years. As long as i could remember. My cousin passed away from cancer when i was in grade 12 (maybe 11 i cant remember). She was only 16, it was tragic. I shed a quiet tear during the funeral, but that was it. Then my grandma passed away the year later. I balled my eyes out @ the funeral. It was weird. As if i was letting go of years of anger stress and unhappyness. it felt so unnatural. Since then I've felt very different about crying for some reason. I find my eyes will tear up more often, sometimes for the randomest of reasons. I actually broke down for the 1st time the other day just because stress has been at a maximum. I've kind of come to terms with it though, i mean im still not a cryer and i dont do it often... you just gotta realize that its a natural sign of emotion, and has nothing to do with manlyhood (unless you cry at pointless shit). When you feel like smiling do you cover that up? no because its an emotion, and emotions are meant to be shown. Not bottled.
  8. I'm a guy and I probably cry a half dozen times a year. Sometimes shit just catches up and i'm all alone, and I ... I gotta cry man. It feels good to cry.

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪Dane Cook-Crying‬‏[/ame]
  9. Respect for bein able to post that deep shit on this place
  10. I cried the other day because my vapor genie pipe got thrown away. I loved that thing and cant buy a new one right now...

    no but seriously sometime you got to let that shit out, its bad to bottle up feelings.
  11. Since as long as I can remember I havent cried, not even at my grandfathers funeral man, and I loved that guy.

    right dude?! like damn man I just wanted some fun-yons.


    That bottling up shit is too true, I mean it works in the short term but really its better to just let shit out.

    I think dane cook is a huge douche, but he is right about cryin.

    thanks man:smoke:

    That SUCKS man, hope you get a new vapor genie, and yea no doubt, bottling up shit isnt worth it.

    It's about an hour later blades(i think) and my brothers gone, I'm just chillin eatin some rice, I look back on it and think of it as a life experience, it's whatever:smoke:
  12. Really man? like i said death was one of the few places where i found i could cry. Just thinking about life, and being around so many other emotional people make it really difficult for me.
  13. I know, fucked up right? Everyone was sittin there ballin their eyes out while i'm just sittin there like, "damn"..

    I never really got sad because, I believe there's a reason things happen, and I just thought of death as like, the world making its natural cycles, not particularly sad to me, it's just, life..ya know?
  14. I feel ya... Despite the fact i was crying, it was kinda like that for my grandmas funeral. Since she was 80 - and had such a good life - it was more a celebration of the life she had rather then an occasion to mourn the life she lost... you know?

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