Crib Notes - Best Vaporization Temperatures

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  1. The Basics of Boiling Versus Burning

    THC boils at much lower temperature (380F) than the cherry in a joint (800F).
    Flavinoids and Terpenes, the smell and taste of toke begin evaporating and boiling off at about 132F, with water boiling at 212F.

    Low Heat is Best When Seeking a Buzz
    Flash-frying herb above 420F immediately creates a thick heavy dense potent toke. Higher temperature burns up a plenty of THC. Keeping within a consistent temperature range is the simplest method to getting gunned (375F/420F).

    Getting The Best From Wet
    By boiling a bag just for flavinoids (280 - 300F) once sometimes twice the results will be dramatically better with fresh than attempting to blast the THC free from the nug (410 – 425F).

    Bone Dry Doobie

    Drop your temp to 350F & 380F range, and inhale your vapor without a leafy sandstorm in your mouth.

    From Bubble Bag to Volcano in 4:20 Minutes

    The metal dish scrubby device works wonders when it comes to sampling just finished full melt hashish.

    Use the accessory. Sometimes hash will just melt to the canister. Ground it up really good. Then warm up Volcano Vaporizer to 420 - 440F.

    THC Crystal Keepers Keep Low Heat
    Crystal is much more tender than bone dry requiring very little heat. Anything in the 360F & 385F.

  2. Very useful information, Matt! Thanks for the writeup.

    Though I think the temperature "420" is a bit arbitrary... but why not!
  3. I've been using mine around 250-270 and she's been working well. I've got a friend with the same vape that swears by burning it at 370. Does it just vary by preference or is there a temperature that you should always burn at?
  4. If you want to get the most from your green in a vape, its best to run your temp AT LEAST at 370+F
  5. Does THC burn at a higher temperature than the plant itself?

  6. No. Lower.
  7. thought you were gonna have 2 articles up every week?
  8. we're getting there. little under the weather lately. and didn't want readers to read less than stellar material. no less than 370F. THC boils around 370 - 380F min. i'm also around the forums and available via PM if you have questions.
  9. ive been doing mine around 320 and its been working fine.:confused_2:

  10. Yeah I was hitting has right from 200-170 and it definitely got me super ripped so idk.
  11. Try 370f, and see if it works any better?
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    Question for ya. I have a standard vaporizer that I bought for $150. I've read different sites that give different readings. What I'm wondering is the number that your vaporizer shows, is it in celsius or fahrenheit? If people are recommending 370F, then that's only 188C. My vape setting doesn't even go that low; so I'm wondering, from my own experimenting what I usually set it to is about 220 on the reading. If anyone could clarify whether I am utilizing my vape to its best possible ability by understanding the temperature reading correctly (as in, is the display showing celsius or fahrenheit?) I would be forever grateful since I'm quite meticulous when it comes to my smoking habit.
  13. Bump, come on guys, help a brotha out.
  14. ^^^maybe the number is in Fahrenheit^^^
  15. great read I am going to buy a vape anyware from 6 months to a couple of years but this is on my list...

    1) this sick @ss bubbler that I have seen at Venice
    2) Vape (something decent in quality and not too expensive) (I know Volconoes are great but for $600 dollars its a high kill if you know what I mean...I bet its worth it but man I dont got the cash for a 600 dollar smoke untencile)
  16. I use my vape at 220 sometimes a bit lower and works for me
  17. I still like the blunt over the vape but vape is 100% better then a blunt but somestime when I smoke with my cousin each of us only get about 2 hits and then its done with a blunt the weed last so much longer
  18. Dude what kind of vape are you using, I have never used a vape that didn't use less weed to get you high. IMO there's no way a blunt would last longer then if you took the blunt weed and vaped it.
  19. yeah..... i got a vaporbros.... not the volcano.. haha:smoking:
  20. I have a Vaporizer I bought from a local store run by Indians(the India kind). It cost me just $50 and is the typical box setup with a digital display, brand on the packaging reads "Top Vaporizer." I have not been able to find this brand of vaporizer anywhere online or in any other shops, but for $50 it definitely does the job. I set it to about 360 to start and increase it by about 5-10 degrees once it stops hitting as well, thusly giving me a better toke again. Rinse and repeat and I get ripped.;)

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