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  1. Share some of your creepy stories whether it be a story in the woods, abondoned buildings, or even in your own house, or anything creepy for that matter.
    I love creepy suspenseful real life stories while high who agree? Haha
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    I guess ill start this shin-dig. During the summer that I turned 16 I was chillin at my friends just down the street. Gettin baked in the garage and lookin at the farm field across the street chillin. We see something that was like a giant fucking meteor or somethin, it looked like it was gonna crash in the woods behind the field. And probably 30 feet before it was gonna "crash" in the trees it turned on a dime and came closer (probably still like 200 yards away) to us, not close enough to see anything special, but something that looked like a fireball. Then it went back towards the trees behind the field and "landed" or whatever. And the whole time no noise or anythingWe were like waaaaaaaat, and his aunt was up in the house (separated garage) so we texted her and asked if she saw that. We explained everything that happened/ we saw. Then her first response was, "how high are you?" Haha. We went to talk to her and I answered her question"not enough to make that shit up"Cuz all three of us saw it, creepiest thing is that we went back in the field for like a hour searching and nothing showed up or even looked disturbed. We went around with flash lights too

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