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creepy shit happened to me last night

Discussion in 'General' started by FuckingClassy, Mar 20, 2009.

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    before anyone else starts talkin shit or makin jokes, i just thought this was creepy. I know its easy to make prank calls from diff. numbers

    Last night i got a call from a number with a "416" area code. Turns out that's an area code for certain cities in Ontario, Canada.
    But that doesn't mean anything. It could be someone just using that number, or a cell number calling from anywhere, right?
    I usually don't answer phone calls from numbers i don't know, but my girl decided that she wanted to answer it. She answers, says hello, and nothing. Just someone on the other end breathing into the phone. She says hello a few more times. Still nothing but breathing. So she hangs up. Confused, she immediately calls the number right back to see what/who it is, and she gets a message saying that the number is not a working phone number. WTF?!

    Here's another thing that makes it more weird to me. Months back i remember getting a voice mail of someone just breathing into the phone, not saying anything. You could tell they were there, and it wasn't heavy panting, but it was loud enough to hear every breath.

    Now, i don't know what the hell that could mean, but i don't like it. I figured it could be someone just fucking with me, but how in the hell would the phone number immediately be a non-working number after they just called me from it? I don't want to read too much into it, but it creeps me out. I mean, what if it really is someone "stalking" me or something? I have a girl & a daughter to protect.

    When i get my other tax return check i'm definately buying a gun (this is ONLY for protection, and not just because of this occurence, i have other reasons). As that one girl said on "When keeping it real goes wrong", Fuck that. I don't like people playin on my phone.
  2. you know it's extremely easy to spoof phone numbers right?

    i always do it whenever prank calling..
  3. maybe it was you!!! Lol

    how do you change your entire number, and then after the call have the number you used be a non-working number anymore though?

    and why would someone go through the trouble of changing their entire phone number JUST to prank call someone.
  4. One time back when I was a sophmore or junior in high school I was dating this girl, and we would always hang out everyday. We both started getting these phone calls of this guy talking to us in a robot voice saying the creepiest shit like "I'm digging your grave tonight come find your coffin." And he knew where we hung out and stuff. It could have just been a friend, I never found out, but it was pretty scaryy.
  5. that's pretty creepy lol i'd definately freak out if that happened to me back in the day
  6. I live in Grimsby, an hour from Toronto. 416 is a Toronto number.

  7. its also an area code for Black Creek Village, Etobicoke, Scarborough and York, according to Cha-Cha
  8. you get two prank phone calls in a couple of months and that means you have to get ready to kill someone??

    so fucked up
  9. yes. i get 2 calls and am ready to kill whoever walks in my house.

    i don't even know what to say to your response. My bad for wanting to keep my family safe. Not just because of these calls - we've had shit happen other than this in the past, so before you start sayin whats fucked up, try and wonder what else has happened where we live that makes me want to get a gun

    or try having a daughter and not taking anything like this serious. Could be a joke. Could not be. I'd rather play it safe, so shut the fuck up
  10. Did you put in your post about other shit happening - no you didnt

    did you say I got 2 prank calls so you're gonna go get tooled up ready to kill someone - yes you did

    so you shut up or make your posts in a way that people can understand your reasoning behind your reaction

    personally, I think you are massively overreacting

  11. Your not the only one, just look at the way he over reacted about your post.
  12. I get calls from some random companies pretending to be my network provider, and when I just make fun of 'em because they're so stupid they get all agressive and occasionally threatening. It's messed up
  13. all i said was i planned on gettin a gun - not killing someone

    try having some sympathy for someone for once. Like i said, my bad for wanting to protect my family, dick.
  14. i didn't put any other occurences in this post because its not about what all has happened. This post is about what happened last night. Sorry if you happened to somehow read that i plan on killing somebody over a few calls. I just said i planned on getting a gun.

    Kinda hard to take something like this lightly, in my opinion. If it was a prank call from the area and with someone actually saying something - even if they said something like "i'm gonna gut you like a pig", i wouldn't take it as serious. Also, it wouldn't bother me as much if the number was inactive immediately after the call.

    Plus, why would someone bother with prank calling someone more than once over a period of 2 months with the same number and the same message - breathing. Obviously there's a bunch of immature people out there who still prank call for some reason

    SO i apologize if i "flew off the handle", but for you to make an assumption that i plan on killing someone over this is pretty ridiculous. That would be fucked up, as you put it.

    Its been a rough day at work, too.
  15. whoa whoa whoa you really need to chill out for a person that smokes weed you def are way to hostile right now i mean i get where your coming from but you really need to chill ppl from all over the world def prank call ppl on a daily and just bcz you got prank called doesnt mean that that person specifically called you on purpose ...

    i did it back in high school ... def just called whatever # came into my head just dialing random #s so how is it that you dont know that someone just did that to you

    no you dont and besides even going with anything having happened in your neighborhood you dont think anyone here lives in hostile territories

    ive been shot 3 times in my neighborhood and it def makes you wanna do back the same be it a product of your environment but blood doesnt bring back blood

    doing what your planning on doing is def the reason that so many ppl are killed for petty things ( ive seen ppl killed right in front of me bcz they got there new shoes stepped on) and its all bcz ppl were thinking the same way that you are right now

    im not trying to get on your case or start anything im just saying one should never allow there emotions to implicate there decision making ..EVER

    allow yourself to just calmly re evauate the situation and think about it clearly and what actions your going to take

    like a securtity system i mean your getting called from CANADA now judging from your reaction i can tell you dont live in CANADA so do you honestly think that someone calling you from somewhere not even close to your home and only calling you twice is really going to quickly go from prankster to murderer and come looking for your home and looking to infiltrate it and kill you all .. seriously

    what are the chances of that
  16. also its not that hard to make it seem as if your # is inactive back when i had my old cell phone my blackberry and wing i could simply just block all incoming calls and it just came off as my phone # wasnt valid
  17. woah the craziest thing hapened to me this morning. I got a call and said hello? there was already someonetalking to someone else? I was like WTF? so I just started listening to what they were saying and they were leik 4-5 women talking about some weird shit. and they were all in different states! the one lady was liek ok hav you talked to susan from washington about the ... i forgotwhat hey said but it was weird
  18. It's the moon people. They are coming for you!:eek:
  19. i understand what you're saying man, hence why i apologized for flying off the handle. But when your girl is almost kidnapped on her way home from work in our neighborhood in the daytime right next to an elementary school, it makes you want to protect them. I understand i never stated this, but i also never stated i plan on killing anyone, or being violent, or trying to find anyone. I simply stated i plan on buying a gun - and what are guns usually for? Protection.

    Why does everyone think that just cuz i plan on buying a gun that automatically means i plan on killing someone? Its for PROTECTION - nothing else. Not to get back at someone, not for searching for some kid prank calling. I've been thinking about it ever since that big mexican tried to pick up my girl on her way home. I want HER to be safe. This isn't about me wanting to take my anger out on anyone. Its about my family being able to be safe if i'm not home, you know?

    And i'm not trying to go off on you, man, don't worry. I am usually the most relaxed person in the world, but when someone says something about me untrue, i snap sometimes. Plus, like i said, its been a rough day at work. Shit happens lol

    As for the last paragraph, you're right the chances are slim to none, but shit like that does happen, just not enough to REALLY worry about it. And people don't have to be in the area that their area code says. People can make their number from Canada but really be in Colorado, or something, you know? All i was saying i don't see why a kid would go so far as to call twice and both times eerily breathing into the phone. I just saw it as creepy

    rdub650 you're just retarded
  20. apparently no one has sympathy for anyone anymore, regardless of how crazy they think their story sounds. Thanks fellow blades, glad you could be so kind

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