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  1. What's good, blades?
    About a week ago, I was cleaning my car out front and deciding to drive around after I finished. My mom (yes, I'm 18) was out front as I was pulling out. When I got back, she told me a red van with tinted windows crept past me and the guy practically broke his neck mean mugging in my direction. I, unaware due to my loud music drove off. I doubt he saw me as my windows are tinted enough not to see in at night besides head on.

    Tonight, I got home from work and pulled into my driveway and walked inside. My brother in law said the same van was a few houses down with the engine running, then drove by looking at my car before whistling in his direction and driving away.

    Now, living in LA, I'm assuming my car is burnt out somehow (known by gang members and such) by the previous owner.

    I'll be carrying my old brass knuckles with me since I come home from work anywhere between 11pm-3am. The point of this thread is to ask: what should I do?

    1.) pull up and follow the van if he's there to take his plates down and let the police know what's going on.
    2.) ignore it. (Which worries me)
    3.) ask police to patrol the area since I rarely see patrol cars on my block.
    4.) other(give me suggestions)

    360 joints in my body and not one in my pocket.
  2. Hope you didn't cut off a gangsta boss by accident, them ghettos take it serious and actually shoot people over it.

    I lived in LA for a while. Was wild there at night.
  3. Brass knuckles are a felony in cali get a knife.

    Next time he's creeping on my street I would ask him if he's lost and see what he says
  4. Dude, don't freak me out! :eek: I know how it works, but I don't think he'd practically stalk me and plan his move. I'm pretty oblivious to my surroundings sometimes, so he could've run up and ended me.

    Maybe I screwed his wife. :D

    Just kidding. The poontang eludes me :(

    360 joints in my body and not one in my pocket.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I've been warned about that, so I took them out of my car a while back. I'm big enough not to be beat down by most people around here, I just don't want to bring trouble to my house. A few years ago, my sister and brother in law were outside parked in the driveway and these to gang bangers passed by and one of them tried pulling my brother in law out of his car claiming it was his hood and needed permission, etc. I don't even live in any gangs hood.

    360 joints in my body and not one in my pocket.
  6. Buy a semi auto pistol and mod the spring. Never go to sleep.

    BTW, wtf does this do to with a weed forum?
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    hold up, HOLD UP
    what the fuck is the make and model of your car then lol ?
    all this suspense 
    Ditch the knife, and ditch the brass knuckles, police will FUCK YOU if they find either one.
    Get your self a proper , unbreakable baseball bat , the ones they use for self defense . if any cop or anybody see's it, you can just tell them that you occasionally play ball - you can't use that excuse with brass knuckles or a knife.
    be smart dude , 
    now about the van, next time you see it , b cool, try and look the guy in the face and try and see feel the situation , if he looks open to discussion, wave flag him down and  ask 'what up'
  8. A knife is legal as long as its not concealed. You just need the clip showing. If you carry a bat then you need to keep a glove and ball in your trunk with it.
  9. And then get shot. Lololololol
  10. no you don't ROFL
  11. It's just AugustWest. 
  12. why would he get shot ?
    if they wanted him dead he would have been dead already, ROFL
    people talk tough but thats it
  13. Don't you live in Kazakhstan or something? I don't know your laws
  14. still murder you, and any scrub like you, with my bare fists  :confused_2:  :confused_2:  :confused_2:  :confused_2:
  15. You should go straight up to the van next time you see it and ask what the deal is, or you can just call the police next time.

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  16. This dude better be scared then.
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    i would go in the van and see what happens..
    don't be frightened.
  19. There was a bong in the trunk :D

    360 joints in my body and not one in my pocket.
  20. I'll buy a bat I guess. Haha
    I don't want to risk him pulling a gun on me by getting too close

    360 joints in my body and not one in my pocket.

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