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  1. So everywhere i live within a 2 mile radius theres a creepy ass house, when i lived in hollywood there was a trailer 2 down from me where this old lady had a heart attack and then her husband killed himself, could barely look at the place it looked so creepy. in davie there was a trailer across teh street from me where the owners just abandoned it and me and my friends[very young at the time like 8 or 9] used to go in there and see who could stay in the longest, first time i went in i fell through the floor lol and jetted the fk out of there, and at last ive found another creepy ass house near me when i was blazin earlier. Might i remind you this is in an extremely upscale area where houses go for over 600,000[yea ive stepped it up a lil in life :)
    and you can see the neighbor to the rights lawn is manicured, the beware of dog sign on this house, just plain creppy to look at in the rich upscale environment.

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  2. This will get moved....but anyway.

    Yeah I sure wouldnt go in there.
  3. lol grow up dude, plus its pretty much your duty to go into houses liek that for sick ass shit, my homies went into one and found 10 + shotty's lined up along the wall of some shed. all top of the line shit
  4. Maybe a vampire lives there?

    Or Wolfman?

    I'm blazed.
  5. Say what you want.

    I would have no need to go into that house whatsoever. Im sure the floor isnt sturdy, could be god only know what type of animals, used heroin needles, etc.

    I say again, I wouldn't go in there.
  6. dude, check it out. it's too creepy NOT to....
  7. you should go there and make a sacrafice, or if its abandoned, grow plants there.:rolleyes:
  8. don't forget to bring a quija (sp?) board with you and do a midnight seance :smoke:
  9. dude just get high and pretend you and your friends are scoobydoo and the gang looking for ghosts that shit would be fun, i wish i had a haunted house in my hood

    407 posts that my area code
  10. i say get a couple of friends (since you have no idea whats in there) and go exploring..theres no telling what you might find in there...maybe someone else has a bunch of weed stashed in there and then bam you hit the jackpot
  11. maybe its a crack house, maybe an old lady lives and there and you'll give her a heart attack when you kick a window in, we dont know till you go through that shit, and i call dibs on all old porno mags you find
  12. mine ( area code) is 408
  13. Dude how can you not take advantage of that? When my friend and I found an abandoned house in the woods we just walked in the front door and sparked up a blunt. We sat on the couch and hotboxed the old living room. We didn't really find anything good in the house though, just some old tools and some wood.

    So if you have the guts I think you should take advantage of a great new smoking spot. :bongin:
  14. dude, go in, and do it at night when theres a full moon...... or thunder and lightening, either will do:smoking:
  15. haha my area code is also 408, furlong. Are you in Sunnyvale?
  16. can somebody tell me why it's so "creepy"

    i mean i'm a pussy when it comes to some shit, but that is by no means scary
  17. Haha, yeah... from the picture it doesn't look scary at all. I'd be too pussy to go into some creepy abandoned house and sit down on the couch and smoke. Crazy mother fuckers with your... crazy... shit.
  18. Well in all fairness it was during the day and there were two of us.
  19. i had the pleasure of smoking in a brand new high school they're building near me. completely finished, but all the workers were gone for the summer. we played a sporting game of "get fucked", we brought like 2 ounces of quality dank, a bottle of my scrips (hydrocodone), 4 blunt wraps, a roor and a bunch of different papers. Sucked, because we stayed all night, forgot where we were, and started getting scared the fucking hell up. moral of the story: whatever.
  20. Boo Radley lives in there.

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