Creeps Rnd#2..Seedlings and clones.

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  1. Here is my next round I have planted five seedlings from the strain that produced the beautifull girl below they are labeled "B". There is also 1 Indica strain labeled "K" and a hopefull Blueberry variety labeled "BB". The 4 clones are from the 2 girls that I have finishing now. So pull up a chair and:smoking:this is gonna take awhile.

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  2. I pulled up a chair man, im here watch this all go down! Where are the cold beers and the hot chicks?:smoking:
  3. cold beers and hot chicks? this isnt the super bowl..this is the supernug! =]
  4. Round #2? What the shit!! You should just send me round #3 when its done because I think you've got enough! :D

  5. LOL actualy this is going to be rnd 2 and 3 combined:ey:
  6. Oh, then logically I'll take half of it...

    PS: Thanks.
    haha man keep up the good growing, continue to inspire! :wave:
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    This is the actual Rnd 2.These girls are 13 days into flower. the last pic is of the mothers and the clones. The seedlings and next set of clones is Rnd 3. So now that we are caught up enjoy..:)

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  8. I'm not sure I'm hot, but I am a chick and I have brought cold beers! :D Is there room for moi?

    I bring lucky plant growing vibes. :smoking:
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    Absolutlely!!:D..pull up a chair and lets :hippie:everyone can use a little Freedom in thear thread.:)
  10. How about I just keep you in Bud porn..;)

    Thanks for stopin in bro:p
  11. An update on the seedlings Day 19 from seed:

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  12. I think when the flowering clones awake I'll get some close ups of the budsites, these girls are already filling in nicely!:cool:
  13. Alright so here is the clone update Day 16:

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  14. Here is a pic of the suspected Blue Berry and a shot of the super clone:eek:

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  15. hey creeps...
    Would ja look at the width of those leaves ...damn... Indica all the way..
    looking good mate:D
  16. Hey BUD:p..thanks for stopin in man! Now I just hope its not a hermie. I only found 2 seeds out of the whole bag. So I figure it was pollinated by itself or it was pollinated by another hermie which wouldnt be too bad I guess. But heres hoping..:D
  17. Looking forward to following this one after reading your 1st grow recap...
  18. Are you growing in FFOF?

    I'm also using the same FF nutes as you. Do you follow their schedule or have you modified it? I've found growing in the FFOF I cut way back on the BIG Grow but since entering flowering was wondering what dosage of Tiger Bloom your giving.
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    Yep using FFOF along with all the FF nutes:D during flower I use 2 tsp of Tiger Bloom per gallon along with 2 TBS of BigBloom.
    Hope this helps man;)

    ...I am actually upping the nutes to push my strain..just to see how much it can take.
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    I am going to post the weekly update on the seedlings what a difference! The Suspected BB had a bad reaction to the nutes so it will be a special diet for her. My strain is to hardy to share nutes with I guess..:p

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