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    Hey bladies! Dont't get into naming names, but how many pm's were unwanted attention from creepy dudes or perverts?

    I've experienced it a few times. Once a dude pm'd me about sniffing my panties. One guy sent me a picture of his dick and we never talked before. Then one dude made a thread about how I was a bitch because I wouldn't respond to his vulgar comments.

    Haha, crazy shit.

    edit: fucked it all up.
  2. i didn't think me pm'ing you about wanting to video tape you showering with a chicken costume was creepy :( :cry:

    i'm crushed.
  3. This one time I downloaded this dating app just to see what it was about and this ghetto chick sends me a message without even saying hi, and says can I suck your dick. Hahaha weird ass ppl guys aren't the only creepers haha
  4. I got creepers way more often when my avatar and/or signature made it obvious that I was a female.

    Nowadays, most of the newbies and creepers just assume I'm a male and no one really bothers me. :laughing:

  5. I mean, like on this site.

    Most of the chicks aren't creepy here.
  6. Probably wasn't a chick. ;)
  7. Yes very strage, but I mean I'd be happy if random girls started sending vag pics haha.
  8. Do people do fucked things when they get fucking high?

    I dunno. Drunk maybe but I think I'm more inspired when I'm high.

    So. Sorry can't explain it.

    But creepers just ruin it for guys that are shy. I guess we can both give off similar vibes. But I don't like it
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  9. grasscity chicks r hawt
  10. a bunch of dudes have pm'd me about their tits
  11. Haha wtf man

  12. sorry about that :( I really like my bewbz
  13. Ohh my fault. I know there's some pretty good looking girls on here but I just wanted to share a pointless story haha

    It was because I accepted the offer ;)
  14. Hahaha you always post some funny ass shit

  15. I'm laughing xD, you should have just took a picture of your ass and sent it back to him!

    Haha! Like "fuck you!"

    I used to just do that to people on xbox live if they were talking shit after a game xD
  16. ^^ now that i think of it it's different for a girl. xD
  17. i had a GC stalker like a year ago but thats about it. oh i also get some semi creepy comments but nothing too bad.
  18. Hate those fuckers lol

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  19. people...stop being considerate and put the creepers on blast
  20. Random PMs and boob requests but that's it.

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