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Creeper weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MountainDank, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. It's been a while since I had creeper. I've read that this comes from letting the plant mature more. Any thoughts on this and why it isn't more prevalent? Could this just be user error ? Are there any strains or types that have a more creeper effect than others?
  2. Never really experienced this phenomenon. I'm high right around the 5 minute mark, every time. Except for my first-ever dab, I was in outer space in under a minute.
  3. It was around more When I was younger. Could this be an extinct strain. Say it isn't so :'( . Or maybe this is from a select grower .
  4. I get creeper weed about half the time. Doesn't show up as often as it used to, but it's still around.
  5. My bud makes a loud entrance and lets me know that imma get high immedaitely after the first hit
  6. Super silver sour diesel haze is one hell of a creeper. So much we've nicknamed it the creeping death.
  7. Last time I had AK-47 it creeped up on me pretty slowly. Not sure if thats the effect your supposed to have with that strain but that's what happened. Hahaha.
  8. Is that very common with that strain ?
  9. Last bag of Blue Dream i had was definatly a creeper.
  10. I'm pretty sure CBD is the cause for a creeping effect.
  11. That's What I've heard that thc is turned to cbd during the maturation of the plant and curing
  12. THC turns into CBN from degradation, CBD is a whole other molecule lol. Found mostly in indicas or Ruderalis crosses
  13. So something like an auto flower might be good then
  14. yeah man that's something i always tell people because alot of people knock autoflowers but for the medical aspect CBD is very important too. But even still alot of autoflowers these days have great genetics so they can be just as good as normal strains + that nice creeper effect lol. Also they make great stealth plants indoors/outdoors.
  15. Do the auto flowers breed with normal plants efficently ? I've heard while there's no need to the auto flowers don't seem to clone
  16. Yes a stable autoflower can be bred with a normal strain that's how they make crosses, but i don't know too much about it, i would leave that to the pros. I think sometimes when crossed the autoflowering trait can be lost, but it would be cool to try. They are really just good for stealth grows, or quick outdoor plants to avoid late harvest if desired.

    Personally i would probably just get a normal strain to grow, something like white widow. I just like pointing out autoflowers aren't always bad, there are alot of good strains out there these days for people who want to grow them.

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