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Creeper Highs.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Wiggibow, May 27, 2013.

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    Every so often I get some bud that is a serious creeper high; and by that I mean right after i smoke, I don't feel very high or like my high is going to increase much at all; but then about 10-30 minutes later the stuff proceeds to blow my mind haha
    Right now I have some shatter I made from supposed AK-47 (not med state so idk for sure) that keeps tricking me; every time I think I didn't take a big enough dab next thing I know I'm like crafting the same sentence on grasscity for 30 minutes straight..
    So the real question is does anybody know of specific strains that are known to give this "creeper high"? 
    Stories about getting wayyyyy too high from some creeper weed are hilarious, post those here too!

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    I've experienced it most with Indicas. First time I ever ate a brownie I was just chilling watching tv and next thing I know I had eaten an entire bag of chips & Salsa. Literally felt like I was sinking into the couch.
  3. Same thing happened to me, but when I was smoking AK47 bud hahaha. It was my first time smoking it too and was only my 4th time smoking ever, plus it was my first time using a bong. I had about 2 rips off of the bong then decided I wasn't  high enough. I had another 3. All the sudden I felt like I was in a dream and doing weird shit like drawing on the wall with sharpie, dancing around the room,getting the cheese grater out of my friends drawer and putting it in the fridge, and then proceeded to have a panic attack. That taught me to pace myself when smoking hahaha.
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  4. I get this with mids a lot. after picking up and first smoking it won't hit me, I'll tell everyone don't worry give it TEN mins lol 
  5. Indicas do this to me.  It takes about 10-15 minutes of not feeling anything, to BAM full blown high
  6. yeah people who try weed for the first time get this usually and that's why 50% of people freak the fuck out... gotta love some mind-blowing bud tho.
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  7. Edibles are the ultimate creeper. I haven't smoked creeper weed in years. I miss it.
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    I've had so many strains that creep up on me haha. Just smoked some Sour D and for some reason it is a super creeper. It's funny because that's all I used to get when I lived up north and don't remember it creeping so hard. But creepers are really fun, but the hardest hitting I had was some straight OG Kush. Was SUPER dank. Smell was so strong and it was frosty as hell. I rolled a blunt of it one night with some buddies, sparked it since I rolled it and took 2 hits, passed it to my friend and walked over to the side to pee, and in the time it took me to walk I was fucking gone. Off 2 hits. And that blunt burned for another 15 minutes easy. We were ripped. :smoke:
  9. I got some now, its the best to roll a spliff 50/50 with tobacco, get nice nicotine rush then that dies down you have a minute or two to get stuff done and then you're on cloud 9 :smoke:
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  10. anything that is like indica dominant. i get the initial buzz and i'm like oh fuck man i'm not even going to be that high. then i smoke another bowl and ten minutes later i'm like a sloth on my couch. 
    definitely haha; but i expect it more with edibles. Man I feel the same though haven't had weed that did this in quite a while; thats why i was so excited i had to post a thread about it haha :smoking:
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    Spice is not nice. Ice dont even think twice! No dice.
  13. uhh, what
  14. Yeah those indica strains will do it. Most of the time I'll just get a no-name dank bud, and every once in a while I'll get a creeper.

    They've never given me trouble until I went to school one day...haha. Me and my buddy hotboxed my car before class. Parked the car, smoked a couple bowls, felt a nice high. Then as I was driving I got this WAVE of intensity that was almost scary, but of course I knew it was normal. My buddy said the same thing happened to senior field day ever :laughing:
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  15. I had some Power Plant that had a nice heady creeper high.
  16. Hahaha, had that happen to me sooo many times when I used to smoke before I went to class. Sometimes I had 5 minutes before I had to be in my class, and quikly rolled up a j, smoked it so quik, then just Boooommmm fucking baked
  17. My brother just got me an Oz of dank popcorn and smaller buds for $80. The stuff hit me like a hammer when I tried it last night. I had a small bowl of the sativa dominant strain I had left. Then later I had a bowl of this new stuff. Smoked it and didn't feel anything for 15 mins. Then BOOM I was firmly glued to my chair for 2 hours. Needless to say I slept like a baby.

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