Creek Water

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Stoney BaLoney, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Creek Water....Good or Bad Idea?
  2. Good idea.
  3. if you have hte ability to test it, i would though, just out of curiosity.. i know the creek water around here is extreamly alkaline
  4. i used creek water that was sometimes running and sometimes stagnant and i think it was like a natural compost heap and actually added many nutrient's definitely not in tap water. But the idea of testing it is obviously a no harm idea, because god knows it could be a waste runoff or overflow creek. eww.
  5. yeah, don't cus some creeks have chemicals put in them to help fishes in em survive
  6. it coud be good or bad i think. a buddy of mine used tap water for months and then he used creek water and it messed the ph up. and it caused the plant to go into shock. but i dont know for sure. just be carefull, and watch for any changes
  7. on the topic of water would it be ligit to bring a couple bottles of water when you go to visit your grow site? like just regular bottled water?

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