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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by hustleiggies, May 14, 2006.

  1. Hey whats up broseff? I am sort of an amatuer to growing. I have a few plants that are doing sexy right now but nothing special. But what I was wondering is if you could grow a plant straight out of a creek? I have 2 pots in my creek with just the rim sticking above the water right in the middle of the creek. My brother yielded about a quarter off one of him plants last year, he called it the natural hydro. But he didnt put a patent on the idea. So if it works for me this year I will be putting a patent on it haha. But yeah please give me some tips on if or how i can get it to grow
  2. i would prefer to plant it next to the creek not in it
  3. lol yeah, if you have a creek where you could grow it right in the middle, why not just plant it next to it in good soil, and you wont ever have to water, just foilar feed from time to time.

    - Vince
  4. Wouldn't it seem that the plant would drown if it were planted nearly underwater?
  5. MJ is not an aquatic plant.

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