Creek Growing

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by apathy951, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. So I have a batch of seeds im gonna start planting and need some help. The spot i picked out is about 5-10 feet from the actual creek, gets lots of sunshine and the sand is full of silt.
    My question is this, you guys think that thats to close to the creek and the plants may have too much water?
  2. only if the creek overflows.
  3. theres like six foot bushes to block the view...the way i see it theres room for maybe two plants
  4. Im not sure how big the creek is but I would worry about root rot.
  5. its not really a creek...more like a spring...the water is like a foot to a foot and a half wide....we call the spot the Dojo
  6. lol i wouldnt grow there if other ppl no about the spot
  7. i agree i would grow further away and use the creek water to water your plants
  8. ok here....theres a flat ground where its comletely shaded and treestumps and rocks to sit on + this crazy rope swing that launches off this like ten foot ledge. to get to the spot have have to walk up the creek, through spots of poison oak, mass thorn bushes, then climbe up to the spot because the creek eroded the ground so the spot is next to the creek but like three feet higher

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