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  1. Like a week ago i went to my old old old friends 19th birthday party, we haven't seen eachother in months or spoken to each other.

    I walk in and the first thing this guy says to me is,
    Him:"OMG bailey i saw a video of you hitting a zong"
    Me:uhhh yeah on youtube or what?
    Him:"No on grasscity"
    Me::eek:No wayyyy

    I thought this was really funny, then i was like weirded out, this is where you don't have deal with anyone you know.

    I hope something like this has/ or will happen to someone else because its an interesting feeling
  2. [​IMG]

    Hey little girl, nice zong...

    ...that's by best attempt at being a creepy bastard, and I like to think that I do a damn good job.
  3. Wowww pete, ahhaha
  4. I saw a screenname that was the nickname of a guy I knew, so I PM'd him and I'm like, "You're not so-and-so, are you?"

    Turns out it was the guy's, close but no cigar

  5. Damn skippy man, great now I'm gonna have nightmares!:p
  6. Bahahah, then my mission is complete...
  7. OH yea?

    Just you wait, Ill terrorize you with...... JOAN RIVERS! IN PUPPET FORM!

  8. haha your name is bailey? thats a cute name, i like it :)
    and it kinda scares me i typed my name in google n grow pics from 4 yrs ago popped up....gotta get around to takin them down, lol
    edit-yikes on the joan rivers....
  9. Lol, I hope that doesnt happen to me, I enjoy anonymity. I lol'd at the guy making the creepy face picture btw...
  10. That's weird. I wonder if anyone I know in person is on GC.

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