Credit sucks.

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  1. ugh.

    anyone else hate credit cards? I cant believe what Ive gotten myself into!! I swear, never, (once I pay this damn thing off!!!!) *never* (once my credit has been restored!!!!) *NEVER* (once this stress goes away!!!!) EVVVVVVVVVER will I open another credit card.

    your just asking for trouble!!!! AAAAAAAAARG!!!!!

    lol, or maybe its just me that cant take the RESPONSIBILITY. Hey, That question wasnt on the application!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. a. Are you responsible enough to know how have to pay this "credit" back?

    damn, you know, I wouldve came to my senses then, and checked "NO" and Id be aaaaaaaaaallright. (except for the dvd player and the 20 dvds I bought)

    oh well...hmmm what should I watch...?
  2. Fuck yeah. I got a letter though saying my credit limit has gone up another £1000 and I do not have to do anything to accepts. It's already been done.

    Well, whoopie fucking doo. I already have £3,500 I cannot pay you back, what makes you think I want more...

    Dear Adam

    Due to the recent good custom from yourself since we started our business we would like to offer you these money off vouchers when you spend several more hundreds pounds.

  3. i am so glad i am not alone in this.
    i AM responsible enough to pay it back, but due to unforseen accidents/events that have caused us to buy a new car and our insurance to double, i can't pay my debts off as agressively as i want to because of the payments on my car!!!

    grr it is so frustrating. it just lingers over your head, haunting you, making you worry about should i get another job or what? thinking about mass-producing my hemp necklaces & selling them on ebay? or? my own website? would it be enough of a profit to be worth it? ALL kinds of crazy stuff...

    OH by the way, you should DEFINITELY watch a comedy, and forget the financial issue RIGHT NOW. enjoy what you have, and pay it off the best you can when you can. save your $ and live like a pauper and watch those movies over and over again. i'll be doing the same damn thing over here :)

    argh. i feel your pain 100% man, i hope the $ fairy hits us up soon. ;) if i win the lotto i will let you know!!!

  4. wow. thnx ganjaphish...thats exactly what I was thinking......comedy!
  5. man im so much fuckin debt its not even funny.......add that and my gf constantly wantin to do shit like going on vacations and im a dead man
  6. i owe i owe its off to work i go
  7. I used to be all for that personal responsibility stuff.....

    Then I learned about bankruptcy law.

    Assuming you live in the states (and they haven't changed the law yet) it's pretty easy to declare chapter 7.

    It's not pretty, but it's easy and surprisingly fast, once you get done with all the lawyer's paperwork.

    I, too, fell into the credit card trap. I fell in not even knowing really what chapter 7 is all about.

    (No wonder they ask so many questions and are usually so stringent to accept.)

    Basically, if you can "prove" that you don't make enough money to pay your bills... then they are forgiven. I'm not usually one to fuck people over, but it takes a huge weight off of your chest. (I believe we wrote off over $25k)

    Basically you have to declare everything you own and what you think it's worth at a garage sale. Then they determine your bills, expenses and income.... Then we make a few adjustments with the lawyer so the numbers look like you can't afford your bills (such as declare that you have to spend more per month on things like child care, CIGARETTES AND POP!!!, and shit like gardening. It's really quite hilarious).

    No more phone calls..... no more credit card offers... (LMAO).

    It hurts when you want to finance anything else for about a decade, but it gets it over with and you're on your way to recovery financially.

    Really it's not that hard to get financed for things like new cars (or other secured loans), but then you pay out the ass in interest.

    For example, we just bought a '94 grand caravan (all wheel drive too… can’t wait for winter moohoohaahaahaaa!).... at 26% interest! It's doable... and it's still cheaper than paying all of those payments from the credit cards.

    So if you're smart and of high moral standards, then just don't get into credit cards at all. Basically if you can afford them then you don’t need them.

    If you're smart and not of high ethical standards, then you can build up enough credit to borrow enough to pay for your bankruptcy (through credit cards, of course). Oh wait, they do ask you if you've used any of your credit cards or received any money within the last 90 days over and above your usual income. So you'd have to save up early. (We paid about $850 for joint chapter 7 bankruptcy with many many creditors.

    The lawyer was the most expensive one we called, but he was available sooner (and he was really willing to help us determine, on paper, that we couldn't afford to pay our creditors). Once you start getting those phone calls you'd pay more to have it stop! It really wasn't too much of a heist, though; because we couldn't afford the bills.

    Damn I could type all day on this. So I'll stop. (What a mess, though)
  8. Hey budburner, thanks for the tip. I'm not ready to throw the towel in yet, I am crossing my fingers and saving my money like crazy, but it's good to know this is an option.

    Thanks again for all the info!
  9. No problem.

    I was going nuts. We had even tried debt consolidation.

    Couldn't afford the payments.

    The debt consolidation place told us to contact an attorney if we couldn't afford to pay after consolidation.

    We did, and he suggested chapter 7. (With $$ in his eyes)

    Presto..... debt free.

  10. lol, thanks a lot for the tips budburner...! very well done!
    well for real, ive been stuck for a while paying well, you know how it is to pay jussssssst enough to keep the bill collecters at bay..
    but lol, in the mean time..dvd kicks butt
  11. yep me too after my divorce.
  12. Yeah I just got a letter from a bank that I apparently had a leftover balance from years ago and they're basically saying if I don't pay them 400 they're going to sue me. Fuck that...:mad:
  13. Yea, if you're blaming the credit companies for your debt then you're doing it wrong.
  14. Holy thread resurrection Batman

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