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credit cards

Discussion in 'General' started by top secret, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. when u use a credit card do u get billed a form that tells u everything thats been bought and where it was bought from
  2. When my credit card bills come, they just say where I bought the items, not what they were.
  3. yea they dont tell exactly what items you bought just where you got them form
  4. There are many online shops that have a parent company with a less obvious name (meaning they don't refer to smoking) it will tell you somewhere on the website.
  5. Yea they usually say "It will show up as cock inc on your credit card" if it uses an obvious name like "It will show up as on your bill" then don't order well i guess if u dont care

  6. I agree, haven't got one and aren't going to get one.

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