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  1. Just making this thread for fun...if u have a smoking item with a cool name (bong, bowl, bubbler, etc.) or just cool ideas for names post them here.

    I have a mini glass bong named Tommy Pickles, a glass pipe names Jerry G., and a glass bubbler named Ziggy.:bongin:
  2. all i got is some blunts named swisher
  3. A chillum named aslan.

    A steamroller named Eclipse

    A big 4 foot acrylic tube named Larry ( i only have this because it was a gift, I never use it anyways)

    A glass 2 foot bong named Buddha

    I had a spoon which I dropped last night R.I.P. spoon.
    I didnt name it.
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  4. my bongs name is Pip.. like the character from Great Expectations..because everytime i see him i have great expectations. mhmmm
  5. Got my first pice named blue, turns blue when smoke fills it up. bubbler which I still havnt named. My vape osnt named yet. My bongs name is Palmer. I dont remember why I named it that b/c I was too high. I just woke up next morning and rememberd its named was Palmer. haha.

    But I always thought pieces are best named while using them in a session. My unnamed pieces will have names sooner or later, Just a matter of time.

  6. Yeah i named all of my pieces while using them in a session thats the only way to find its true name.:smoke:
  7. Just Got a new bowl from straight smoke shop in panama city beach called purplehaze. has a 180 twist in the mouthpiece which is mad of two flattened tunnels. the whole peice is color changing and was clear when i bought it. it is now all yellow with a blue-green infused coming out at the joining of the bowl and mouthpiece and extended outward. i just smoked out of it after originally calling it the crazy 8 which i still like and have just re christened it the aurora after this coloration. i will post a pic soon let me know what u think of the names and piece
  8. I have 3 hitters. One named Junie (because I got on my birthday in June). And the other 2 are named Crimson (red one) and Clover (green one). I have a bowl named Delilah and a bowl named Vampire Katie, but I call it Vicki for short. I have a dragon shaped bowl named Dudley. I have a sneak a toke that looks like lipstick named Gladys. I HAD a highlighter sneak a toke named Buzzy, but my friend took it. I named my dugout Doug. I named my grinder Elmo. (I name everything.) And I have a new chillum that still needs a name. :smoke: I think that's all my pieces.
  9. I had a nice seventy dollar beaker bottom bong with a diffused downstem and ice catch. I called it the litle guy almost ironically.
    Now I have a pipe glass bong that has the typical bong shape. I hate how much water you have to put in it. Anway, due largely in part to the bowl which has a unique...form. I call it spindles.

    I also had a bubbler called Dr. Bonglers but somebody stole it :(
  10. A Vapor Genie named Pandora
  11. I got this little bong its nothing special it is a weird deep green, the name is 'stump'

    If you seen the piece you would totally agree!
  12. Wow I made this thread two years ago haha
  13. Fat round pipes name is Boka

    My little pipes name is Chika

    Boka Chika boka chika
  14. Long glass bowl named "Piper Rifle"
    Bong with the awesome name of "Jabralter: Destryor of Lungs"
    Hookah named "Medusa"
  15. How about this:
    a joint named Sneezy
    a one-hitter named Bashful
    a bowl named Happy
    a bubbler named Sleepy
    a bong named Dopey
    a vaporizer named Doc
    and a grinder named Grumpy, cause it doesn't get to blaze!
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  16. Glass pipe named Micheal Jackson. Metal pipe named Bruce Rossmyer. And a Bong named billy mays.
  17. Paul Bunyan
  18. My favorite is a long thin glass pipe. I call him Thineas, after the show Phineas and Ferb.
    When we use it, it's called Thineas and herb.
  19. Bram's Toker, for those with a taste for blood
  20. Teddy Roosevelt :smoke:

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