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    I love rolling joints and just recently started rolling more intricate joints to impress some of the guys I smoke with, I searched for this thread but didint really see anything, so i just wanted to share some of my creative joints and see what kinda crazy stuff other blades were rolling

    Also if you have any recommendations on new creative rolls to try let me know, ive only heard of a couple and want to expand my knowledge!! :p
  2. Cross joints are cool
  3. I rolled one the other day, was gonna upload a picture but it wouldnt let me for some reason
  4. I rolled a tulip joint but used a blunt for the mouthpiece/stem. High as fuck.

  5. hahaha so it was a blunt with a tulip on the end?!
  6. [quote name='"Jdonnie"']

    hahaha so it was a blunt with a tulip on the end?![/quote]
    No look it up you roll a a tulip looking pouch of weed at the end of a joint/blunt

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