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  1. Now this is just...a loss for words actually :D

    Cruel Facebook hoax ends marriage

    A married man who drove more than 600km to see a woman he met on Facebook has been the victim of a hoax by rival football supporters.

    Manchester United fan, Stuart Slann, spent nine hours in his car travelling to meet "Emma", who he had been sharing suggestive emails with.

    Believing he was about to enjoy their first night of romance together, Stuart, 39, finally arrived at a remote Scottish farm where he waited for the encounter.

    After three hours sitting in his car with "Emma" nowhere in sight, a phone call soon revealed the cruel hoax.

    He was surprised to hear the voice of a man with a Liverpool accent.

    "Hello Stuart, do you remember us?," they asked.

    "It's them Scouse lads who threw you in the pool, you've been framed."

    Last year he fell out with the two Liverpool supporters who were staying in the same holiday hotel in Mexico .

    They argued about whose football team was better: Manchester United or Liverpool.

    To add to the elaborate hoax the men put a recorded phone conversation between them and Stuart on the internet.

    It resulted in Stuart's wife Louise finding out about his potential fling on Facebook and she later left him.

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    I just wish it had been the other way around, i mean, we all know that Manchester United are the kings of England (at least for the moment :D ).
  2. LMFAO, you should really call someone before you drive 9 hours to bang them, what a dumbass, especially since he was married
  3. ^lol yeah really
  4. hah liverpool ftw! off topic but did anyone see the champions league match today ? whooped up on real.. torres and gerrard ftw !
  5. Yeah i saw the goals, fuck Real Madrid.

    I mean, i'm a United supporter, but i was with Liverpool on that one. Now we just need United taking down Inter tonight and it's all good :)

    Fergie's gonna take his third CL title this year.

  6. If you are a United fan, you are NEVER with Liverpool on anything dude. LOL not a true fan are you?

    ohh and the guy got OWNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. No i admit i am not a "fan" of United as in i follow them in everything they do.

    Like i said: i am a supporter :D Which should translate into "United is my favorite team in England".

    Anyways i'd take Liverpool over Real any day.
  8. Haha what a clever prank. We all know only Liverpool supporters would be capable of doing that.

    Liverpool best English team OF ALL TIMES.


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