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  1. Hey everyone, I just opened up my account today, and thought of starting a thread about creative home made pipes. I thought it's one thing to make a functional pipe, and another to make a functional pipe with some artistic value. :wave:

    I just made this one, and I hope you guys like it, and hope you guys give me some suggestions on new ones, and hopefully post some pics of your own!

    1. Real Clay, not the Playdough shit.
    2. Vinegar.
    3. Acrylic paint (my preference).
    4. Triple Thick Glossy Glaze.
    5. Different paintbrushes for different designs.
    6. Coffee filter.

    1. Make bowl by making a sphere, and pinching in the inside, then poke a hole in the middle, then 2 holes outside 90 appart from each other going into the middle hole but concentrate on this one!!
    2. Make the tube, and stick through a paintbrush or whatever, duh.
    3. This is where the vinegar comes in handy, the vinegar really seems to help bond together clay! Where one of the outside holes is, make cuts so it looks like spikes just around it. Then slice the tube part off so it has an edge perfectly flat, and do the same. Now, get your finger and just put some drips on both parts, and to make sure the air will flow, keep blowing through bowl making sure the air is still flowing out the tube.
    4. Make a little snake, and really soak it up in vinegar! Then just wrap it around to make it nice and sturdy.
    5. Get the coffee filter, cut it circular, and put it in the bowl, making sure it's locked in.
    5. Wait about 12 hours for it to dry, and paint it!!
    6. Paint on the Triple Thick Glossy Glaze, and wait about 2 days for that shit to dry, it's really fucking frustrating to work with too, if you have an oven available, just put on regular glaze!
    7. Whoo whaa whee whaa!! Very nice!! King in the castle, king in the castle!!

    My paint theme, was a real dank purple bud. All purple, red and orange hairs, blue crystals, green patches. Then for the top part of the bowl I wanted to make what was dots, the whole part, so I made the whole part blue. As for the hairs, I wanted to make them dots. It's actually a clock; the 12, 3, 6, and 9 are orange dots, and the rest are red dots. Same with the inside, as you can tell.

    Hope you enjoyed this, this is my first post, so some critizism for next posts would be nice as well!!

    By the way, this my 5th pipe, it takes some practice! Unfortunately, my step dad who used to smoke weed, pop Ecstasy, eat Shrooms, drop LSD, tried mescaline, cocaine, PCP, and crystal meth, and sees no problem with smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol, broke my other pipes and doesn't want a 'POT HEAD' in his house. Just some info on my current life lol. So in case you were wondering I have smoked out of these before, and the coffee filter makes a real smooth smoke if you like to really grind up your weed, the clay actually brings out the weed's taste a bit more, and don't worry, nothing happens to the glaze, even if you torch it!

    Peace, love, rock and roll. :smoke:

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  2. That is a very sharp-looking pipe! It would make me smile to smoke out of that, for sure.

    Ha. Your step-father reminds me of my son's father. "It's OK for me to have been a fuck-up when I was your age, but I will judge you and call you names if you smoke a little herb!" I suspect he's just envious that you get to do it and he doesn't.

    I didn't realize that vinegar helped clay bond. Interesting. And you answered my only question, if it was safe to smoke out of it with the paint and gloss.

    I haven't made any interesting pipes before. I've done a million throw-away pipes, out of foil, apples/potatoes/bell peppers, pens, etc. You inspire me, though!

    Thanks for sharing.
  3. haha thats perfect looks bad ass to.....would be cool to get a glass version whre the bottom looks like a grenade

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