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Creative hiding spots in college dorms

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TokeDntChoke21, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. So im going to college in two weeks and i plan on bringing up my bubbler/papers/lighters etc... what are some creative hiding spots for bud and peices that u guys have used and that have worked for u?
    if u dont have creative hiding spots what are some normal hiding spots that worked? thanks
  2. Seriously, it's your dorm room. Just keep it in one of your drawers and you'll be straight. If you're worried about your roomie just get a lock box from walmart
  3. dont ra's come and check rooms from time to time
  4. Any book can be hollowed out easily to make for a rather large stash spot depending on book size.
  5. yes, but u usually get 24 hours notice, and even if you don't they're not allowed to look in your drawers
  6. If your roommate doesnt care then it doesnt really matter where, so long as it isnt in plain view (that'll get you screwed faster than anything).

    the spots i keep my stuff--
    -Bubbler, spare lighters, and sometimes weed i keep in a shoebox in the bottom drawer of my desk (along with dryer sheets and laundry soap)
    -most of the time i keep my bud in the microwave, lol its just easy access since its between me and my roommates beds
    -and we keep our vape in the bag it came in (da buddha) under the microwave

    on a side note i would highly recommend getting a vape, saves bud and cuts down on smell
  7. Like the thread idea as I'm in the same position as you. But I'm not worried about hiding my stuff and I have a bong, 5 pipes and a chillum :p
  8. For most dorms at least in Florida, RA's can look in your room, but only after waiting 24 hours after telling you there's an inspection and here's the best part, they cant go through anything. All they can do is just look around. So if it isn't in plain sight you're good to go.

    Unless you're talking about smoking in your dorm and where to hide if someone smells the dankiest of dank. Then I would just hide in a backpack and put some clothes on top of it.

  9. So good to know. I'm going to Florida next year.
  10. Glad I could be some help. Florida schools are just so chill about most things. Where in Florida you going?
  11. Cold air return vent. Remove 2-4 screws and you're golden.
  12. Just put it in your drawer. The RA's should have no reason to search your room, and even if they do have a reason, they're not allowed to look in anything unless you explicitly give them permission.

  13. Eckerd College! It's in St. Petersburg. Should be nice and sunny. I'm from Maine, originally from Canada, so it's going to be a major change to be warm year round. But I'm okay with that, haha.
  14. I have a cousin in Eckerd! Enjoy it there, I will be joining you in FL soon :smoke:
  15. Yea RA's won't be snooping for no reason, just keep things out of plain sight and you're good. No need for a super creative hiding place in college.
  16. Yeah there's some pretty great dank here in florida, but with Rick Scott in office we're being turned into a religious police state :$
  17. I would suggest either the Air vent, the plug wall safe, or the hollowed out book.
  18. Get a lock box safe and hide it in your closet/drawers/ wherever

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