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  1. Does anyone feed their plants creatinine? Does it improve yield?

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  2. only study i could find on this is from 1912 lmao . old school for sure . i would not trust a word of it lol there data was not backed up on computers or hardly took pictures back then . geez no cell phones ipads hardly and medication . good god imagine going to a hospital back then ! time for your electric shock treatment .
    no i do not add it straight . i have never read plants used it as your suggesting .
    Beneficial Effect of Creatinine and Creatine on Growth on JSTOR
  3. Could you imagine getting a labotomy????
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  4. I dunno. Seems legit. I wonder what pre-work our would do to them.
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  5. here is some history on it if your interested Lobotomy - Wikipedia
    and you should check this movie out
    i have to say this is one of the movies the freaked me out more then any other . it really moved me .
    watch it stoned freak you out

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