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creatinin or whatever

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by LegitBaller, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. alright, so i had to take this drug rehab shit and i still do, we get random tested, so i drink a bitch load of propel b4 i go in case i get tested, kuz i smoke like every other 2 days and almost always sat and sun.......she showed me my past 3 tests and the creatin level was at 27.8 and she said anything under 40 they dont count because its likely to be diluted and the normal level is arond what can i do 2 make it higher....
  2. Take creatine. Its kinda spendy, but its good for the muscles...
  3. i supose u can just buy it at a GNC or something, also....wht kinda dosage or like mg bottle or whatevber, i dont want my creatine level to go from fuckin 29 to like 800
  4. Its a suplement for people who work out, so it doesnt matter if its really high. the dose depends on the shit you get. Good luck and drink lotsa water with it and work out.
  5. alright dude, thanks...any1 else???
  6. be careful with that shit man. theres like no studies done on it, theyre just out for money. all those steroid things. If you arent careful, your body will fucking react and could do some crazy shit you werent expecting. Not like puking, like long term shit.

  7. Creatine is a legal substance it is not a steroid or anything it is just an energy booster that lets you work out harder and longer and shit creatine doesnt do any good for your body unless you work out whereas steroids litterally make you stronger
  8. man, i really wish they would test those suppliments...i find it incredible that the FDA, doesnt test any at all, and more incredible that people think all those suppliments are good for you because there legal, and you can buy them everywhere. sorry its off topic. its been one of those weeks
    good luck on the testing

  9. I know what creatine is. Be careful. All that shit isnt natural to your body, and there is a good chance your body is going to be like, wtf is this shit, and react to it to get rid of it. You keep putting it into you, your body will keep trying to get rid of it and eventually, somethings goin to give.

    Just because its legal doesnt mean its safe.
  10. Let me all tell you what creatine exactly is...much easier to understand when you know what it is. A friend of mine who is really into training and all that told me this once, was baked tho so I hope I remember correctly :D

    Whenever you work out your body makes a little creatine to (help) grow muscles. When you are gonna take it will encourage your body to grow more muscles. But it should be used in tight training programs and is not gonna work when you just take it, thats why it is a supplement.

    So it's useless and dangerous to just take it and not knowing what it exactly does, read yourself into it when you go use it.
  11. creatine and creatinine are different things. Legit, creatinine is the waste product of creatine. Creatine IS naturally found in your body. It is found in fish and meats. of course it is naturally found in your body, for those who think differently, they use the level of creatinine to determine if your sample is in fact urine, and just how diluted the sample is. creatine is a supplement that you can buy OTC. supplementing with creatine may be a solution to help pass your tests.
  12. ok, it seems to matter how high the levels are..

    if you want info on loading up on creatine I suggest you read this article and figure out what will work for you.
    from what I understand though, as Creatinine levels go up so does the specific gravity. I found this information as well..

    Specific Gravity: Random urine may vary in specific gravity from 1.003-1.030. Normal adults with normal diets and normal fluid intake will have an average urine specific gravity of 1.016-1.0227. Elevated urine specific gravity value may be obtained in the presence of moderate quantities of protein.

    specific gravity measures the amount of solids in the urine sample. in turn, taking supplements may make SG rise as well, showing in the results, throwing off the test yet again..I dont know the breakdown of a urine test, but if the SG level is found as well, then it may be difficult to figure out how much creatine you need to have in your system and for how long before the test, if it throws off the results or not I suppose will be determined if you choose to go this route.
  13. It may be in your body already, but you putting more in may not be a good thing. Im pretty sure a most of us on here know, too much of something can be pretty fucking bad.
  14. they saw that your levels were at 29 last time, and there's probably no reason for your levels to jump like that, especially if you have been pretending to have not diluted your piss - if they know that you have been diluting it, then don't worry about it and just take a bit of that creatine shite.
  15. ok well that creatine shit is different than creatinine ??? i duno, creatinine is the shit in my piss and creatine is the supplemnt, so should i jsut take some of that or whha
    im confused
  16. i can help you pass garaunteed 100% fool proof works everytime.


    its not hard buddy. you just have to not get high.
  17. thats hard...

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