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  1. Ok, I'm being allotted $300 US dollars to complete my indoor grow. #1 is 2 300w full spectrums. #2 I would like to be a tent and filter setup, everything else can be bought locally(dirt,nutes,etc) can someone with extensive knowledge on budget grows help me? I'm capped at the price by my wife so yea I have to listen lol. My current setup is ok(cfl) self built with 14 1600lumen bulbs. I don't mind it but dealing with heat and whatnot is to much for me, I'm ready for LED!!! Please help me select what to purchase!

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  2. You could go with 2x mars 300's for 60$ a piece. A Vivosun 2x4x5 tent for 80$ off of amazon which is a pretty normal size for 2 plants I think and also a 4" carbon filter setup off of amazon for about 100$. That's a pretty decent setup for 300$ if you ask me but that's not including soil and pots etc.
  3. Idk on that budget you may be better off with one mars 300 a 2x2x5 grow room an ipower 4" filter/fan combo or look for the fan used on eBay I've gotten great deals... filter needs to be new though... and if you are in a legal state you could do without the filter all together...

    Nutes 30 dyna gro samples (great deal for 30 imo)
    An osculating fan 15
    Soil 15 fox farms happy frog
    Light 65 mars hydro 300
    Tent 50 eBay tent
    Fan 25-30 (used) ipower
    Filter 40 ipower
    Seeds 25 (looks for beginner genetics)
    Ducting 15
    5 gal pot/bucket 5

    That's right at 300 dollars with 30 leftover for misc

    That setup could get you 3-4 ounces if you veg them out long enough. A little scrog would be neat.

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  4. im not sure the mars 300 would really cut it in a 2x2 by itself. dont they only pull like 160w? in my 2x2 experience something that pulls around 250w works good
  5. [​IMG] here's my two mars hydros in a 2x4 now I could definitely use a third one but two is doing me fine.. one for each plant and they are 135W actually haha... but next grow I will have 3 of them in my flowering tent without a doubt...

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  6. theyre looking good

    this is over your budget but i have this led light. its pretty nice and works in a 2x2. the "1000w" version.

    lol you need to access more funds
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  7. It has 10W chips which are neat but that light only pulls 180 actual watts gotta give them props for listing the actual watts though a lot of company's won't

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  8. I have debated that actually. Just bought a house so yea no "accessing more funds" haha I think 300 is plenty as I am finding out from you all. Thanks again for all the great info

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  9. What all do you need? You said you are growing already so what exactly do you need? Tent,lights and fan/filter?

    Nvm I'm stoned and didn't read lol. I wanna respond to this with an awesome answer so I'll be back lol.
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  10. Best i could do was 327.17 for a 4 cob setup in a 32x32 tent with a 4" fan and filter. Oh well.

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