Creating Feminized Seeds

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  1. First question:
    What kind of seeds do hermies produce?

    I bought feminized seeds, I can't remember how they guy made them but he said he trickked one of his plants into hermaphroditing and then taking that polune and putting it on a female? I may and possibly be wrong....

    My feminized seeds have already sprouted and are about a week old.

    I'm getting some more seeds (Doubt they're feminized), if any of these males could help making feminized seeds.

    Done outdoor if it changes anything.

    The main question:

    How would I go about getting feminized seeds?
  2. What you have said is correct, a female that produces pollen sacs is still genetically female. So if that pollen fertilises any female plant the seeds will be female. At least, that is how I understand the theory. And the seed banks charge a premium for those ´feminised´ seeds. I have never paid that much, but I do understand it is not entirely foolproof, a % of males do appear.
  3. A female plant that is stressed into flowering prematurely becomes a hermaphrodite to try and reproduce before the end of the season.

    These plants produce male pollen sacks and pollenate themselves, the seeds produced in this process are called feminised seeds and will grow to either be Female, or in some cases Hermie plants.
  4. Also hermies can pollinate other females and produce feminised seeds.
  5. Thanks Spanish, Didn't think of that one. :smoking:
  6. Peace. Good growing.
  7. Now, how would I force one of my feminized plants to become a hermie, or should I just leave them close together and hope the one of them hermies. Also, would more than one hermy?

    So once I have a plant thats hermiaphrodite, it would look like a female, just with male parts on it too, or how would I tell?

    And then I should just move that plant away from the others (So they don't get pollunated) and put a paper bag over the plant and start wacking it so it gets nicely pollunated, and 99.9% of those seeds will be female?
  8. AHHH dont do that!!!
    sorry i just saw that and laughed my ass off at the thought that came to my head:rolleyes:
  9. Hahahahahaaahaaaa
  10. Simply spray with a mixture of paclobutrazol and water happy tto supply futher info if req
  11. I think the best way to stress them is to just blast them with a light source for a couple of minutes, interrupt their sleep say twice a night. Do this for 4-5 days and you´ll see quite a few stressed out hermies.

    Not sure if water stress works also, but the light stress does.

    Does anyone know how you can pollinate only certain plants without contaminating the rest of the crop?

  12. I would pollinate it in a separate room and leave it there for a few days to make sure the pollen wont blow off onto your other plants.

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