Creating A Seal?

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    I hope this questions allowed here as I know some similar forums don't allow the discussion of home made pieces, if this isn't allowed please delete :)

    Anyway I desperatly need advice on how to create a seal on the bowl of a gravity/waterfall bong. I'm using a metal bowl from a cheap pipe and a sobe bottle (metal cap), how can i seal up the holes/small cracks between the bowl and the cap. For this to work it needs to be air tight :smoking:

    Thanks for any help, and I'd prefer to use something carcinogen free.
  2. Chewing gum.
  3. Whenever I make a piece, this is what I do. Works like a charm:smoking:
  4. Thanks for the advice, I gave it a try and it seems to work nicely, letting it dry now before i test it :wave:
  5. I use a hot glue gun personally, perfectly airtight every time.
  6. You dont even need a hot glue gun go buy some hot glue gun sticks put a lighter to them for a couple secs. and just rub it where you want to seal. I did that on my homemade bong and it works perfectly.:D Do it :smoking:
  7. Yeah, cept glue fumes are pretty bad for you.
  8. i always used to wrap it in electical tape. worked good for me
  9. back in the day, i used electrical tape n all same with my homies, just put alittle on to secure the bowl tightin in the cap
  10. and you saw that on Mc Giver-
  11. I dont know what type of bowl your use'n.
    But I have used a tiny piece of surgical tubing (what they use on wrist rockets) and just use it as a grommet. Black electrically tape works as do long strips of vinyl sticker (bumper sticker) but after time the heat will cause it to fall apart but not like if you used gum now that would be a mess-
  12. I used silicon for my only homemade bong. I made sure the stuff wouldn't release any fumes at lighter temperature.

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