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  1. How would i go about creating a radio station? i know that with the internet nowadays there must be an easy way to create your own radio station and broadcast it. I'm not looking to get into anything serious. I have a large iTunes library and would like to broadcast some songs to the public, maybe even talk and dicuss from time to time with guests ... If anyone has knowledge on how to go about this I would apprectiate it

  2. You need rights to play those songs to public and a server to host the streams.
  3. Well damn. Know of any servers to host a stream to my own songs?
  4. The whole thing COULD be orchestrated quite easily however the thing is that you would need alot of people who were dedicated to the cause, like i said it could be done easily, however what im trying to say is that you would have a TON of easy things to do, which isn't that easy, espically if somebody is giving you the run around or the competition starts trying to thwart your efforts. 
    For example right now im creating an album with 14 different people as the producers and i thought orchestrating this would be a cake walk however now im running into people not communicating back with me, giving me deadlines past what i had intended to do, confirming that they will produce for me and then NEVER having communication with me again which is incredibly frustrating and the worst part of all is that i can't really PUSH these people because they're doing it for free and some of them i'm even lucky to be getting their time and the only thing they are really getting back is just a little bit of exposure, a little bit of play time here and there.
    You always think the people aspect of the buisness thing is gonna be just a cake walk and what i've found is that it fucking NEVER is. 
  5. Just create and share a playlist on Spotify like everyone else... lol
  6. You can setup a computer at home as a server, but you need things like a static IP, a good upload speed, and if you're streaming copyrighted material you'll want to proxy it or pay for it.
  7. If you have to ask. You probably shouldnt try. And lol radio. What you want is a podcast.

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  8. How do you learn if you dont ask?

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