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  1. Just a thought... anyone ever make a hotbox to dry your harvest outside? I came across the idea because I quite frankly am going to have a hard time finding enough space to dry my harvest in a house infested with parents :p Anyways does anyone have any knowledge on this type of scheme?
  2. i dont know what a hotbox is because in cali ,we call smoking inside a car "hot boxing"

    but what i do to dry my buds is get a bunch of brown cardboard boxes. put string inside them. and hang all the buds. and put all the boxes inside my garage, or in my shed, and sometimes in my dog houses. they are pretty big.

    it works but u gotta cure them right away and check on them every day
  3. haha ya i knew someone would give me that answer about hot boxing a car or other enclosure aka taking a b-ride, fish bowling etc.... but ya my idea was basically get some good insulation and use like a space heater and a portable power pack to plug it into and then hang the buds inside of the giant decently heated box - hotbox. I would cover the whole thing with a tarp and put it on beams so that water would flow under it. All in the woods ;) I like the idea I just don't like the $$$ involved and building the set up i have in mind
  4. dont use any heat lamps. first of all bud needs pitch dark to dry properly.
    second. heat will melt the thc.
    best thing is to just put the nugs in a cardboard box with holes in it for air.
    or even a wood box or any kind.
    i think its better to dry buds in the cold.
    it preserves the thc.

    the best way is the natural way. let it take its time drying

  5. agreed!

    you took the time the grow it take the time to properly dry it.

    IMO most critical stage of growing. properly perserving to smoke
  6. well i've heard it being too cold is also bad? maybe I am mistaken. But what I am getting from this is that as long as you have a dry, low humidity climate to dry in, it doesn't matter how cold it is? It would just mean it takes a little longer?

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