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Create a religion that fits you as a person.

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by Messiah Decoy, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. The religion of peace, where a balence is always the goal, and within that balence is your essential nature, your connection to god.

    No prayer, mere meditations and a daily reading of whatever holy book goes in my religion. mindfulness throughout the day is something to aspire to reach.

    a religion that promotes spiritual inquiry, and has no real dogma other than the rules of interaction with others, as well as the standard path to your inner self. however, other paths and methods are allowed and people are encouraged to share breakthroughs they've made. there will also be a manditory 7.5% of ones income that goes to charity, except under circumstances of hardship, and people should help their community at least 1 time a month, though there are no consequences other than perhaps the loss of any lessons that would be learned through selflessness and service to others.

    and fridays at 7:00 is a time to smoke up with family and friends, read a verse, and love one another. smoking at other times is allowed adn especially in a spiritual context, its encouraged, though it should never interfere with other aspects of life. saturdays at 3 there will be optional meetings with meditation, readings, and of course bowls to be passed down the isles.
  2. Everyone has an all around respect for each other.
    We base our beliefs on proven facts instead of ancient stories.
    We live life in order to gain our true goal, happiness.
    We use our large community as an advantage, we will change the basis of society.
    Trolling is strictly prohibited.
    Smart will become cool.
    Knowledge is true power, not wealth.
  3. Mirrorism

    The world is a reflection of your true self and life itself is gradual judgement.

    Every individual soul is capable of improving the world by improving the source of this reflection, him or herself. How to decide improvement is found through observation of patterns in personal life.

    God is everything you see, hear, touch, smell, and taste.

    The 5 Main Principles: Moderation, purpose, positive outlook, perceptual exploration, and the golden rule
  4. Laffegaglinism

    I would create a religion where the secret was that the followers were supposed to eventually see that they are equal to me and then they realize that religions are foolish*.

    * IMO in said religion
  5. I can't remember if I did this in a specific post, a thread, or just through a bunch of posts over time but I already created a religion that fits me. God is a pumpkin and the one commandment is not to drink beer made with pumpkins, although there is no punishment if you do. Except the shame you'll feel, which is bad enough for sure. Wait, I left one out: don't be a dick (technically drinking pumpkin beer is being a dick to pumpkins so its kind of the same rule).
  6. This is my religion...

    God exists. He is my personal God. You, whoever you are, also have a personal God. In fact, EVERYBODY has a personal God. These Gods are a part of the known universe, but did not create it. There is no energy/deity/being above these Gods. These Gods do not intervene in this life whatsoever whether it be financially, emotionally, or spiritually. These Gods do not communicate with each other or know about each others existence, and therefore can not acknowledge each other.
    You can pray to your God if you choose, but he can not intervene in this life. He or She hears your prayers, every one of them but is unable to grant you anything while you are living.

    They want you to live as moral as you can be. These Gods define morality as living your life has pleasantly as possible, and never intentionally causing harm to another person. These Gods show no sense of discord over sexual preference, race, or ethnicity. These Gods are not jealous, and understand that because they give no evidence of their existence, that you may worship other Gods of the mainstream religions. (I don't but you might)

    Your personal God looks just like you, knows every thought you ever had and ever will have, and fully understands you. He or She knows your problems, pain, your happiness, everything.

    If you choose to live a life of causing torment and suffering to others, when you die your God will know why you did such things, and know that he made a mistake in creating you, and you will simply cease to exist in the afterlife. If you do good, you will live in eternal bliss with your God. Eternal bliss is completely subjective to each of us. Whatever is eternal bliss to you is what you will receive from your God.

    You may ask whats the point of a non-intervening God? Simply, they exist to give you your own personal meaning to attempt to remove the bleakness of this life we are all given. Something to look forward to once you're dead, to give you motivation to keep going.

    Yes, this may sound ridiculous to some, but it is my religion... and I think I"ve seen far worse when it comes to ridiculous beliefs.

    I've actually thought about this concept for a long time now. Probably 7 or 8 months now. It's actually kind of personally soothing to me. I had a lot of fun with this, too! :wave:

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