CREAM's CFL closet grow---Day 48 Flowering [Pictures]

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    Hello, this is my first grow journal, as this is the farthest I've ever gotten on a grow. Tips that do NOT require me to spend further money (aka spending $20 on bloom nutrients) in the next few weeks, but to help maximize these buds is greatly appreciated.

    My setup:

    4x3x8 closet.
    Mix of 5-26 watt CFL's (soft white and bright white) and one 42 watt CFL (daylight) totaling 172 watts.
    2 seeds taken from dank weed, told was trainwreck, but weed didn't smoke like trainwreck. So, unconfirmed up until this point.
    5 gallon buckets, filled 4/5 with FF Ocean Forest Soil.

    Soil pH using luster leaf soil testing kit, and 3 prong tester...7...
    I still need a hannah pH meter for liquid though.

    Temps are generally around 78-80, sometimes down near 75 (I wish I could keep them around there) and sometimes towards 85.

    Using distilled water, and have used Grow Big nutes in small amounts until this point.
    I know I should be and NEED a bloom nutrient for a successful yield, but I am too broke to spend the $20 on it.

    For the final 2-3 weeks, I'm thinking of watering with a mix of 1 tsp of grow big and 1/2 tsp of molasses in hopes that it will suffice for this grow. Next time, I'll be better prepared.

    Today will be the 48th day of 12/12, before that I oscillated between 24/0 and 18/6 in veg for about a month (should've vegged another 2-4 weeks...)

    Pics are from Day 46 flower. So again, please give tips and help on how to maximize these popcorn buds in the next two weeks, but I have 0$ (literally zero) dollars I can use beyond what I currently have.

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  2. Hi mate, looks good.

    I saw this one vid on youtube about pulling your main top right down so it reroutes the auxins and boosts lower buds.. Something like hard(high) stress training.

    Other than that im not to sure but the girls look good.
  3. Thanks for the tip man.

    I am trying to get my hands on a scope to check out the trichs, because it looks like the top cola's are getting close to finishing. Once those are ready, I was going to let the rest mature and 'gradually harvest' so to say. Because there are definitely underdeveloped buds on these pups.

    I'll definitely post how it goes in the coming weeks, and thanks again for the kind words. :smoke:
  4. yo mate, I dont know if this vid will really apply to you (my bad) but take a watch it may help.

    [ame=]YouTube - Hard Stress Training a 7ft Cannabis Plant.mpg[/ame]
  5. Your shit looks tasty man +rep! Love checking out grows flowering with CFLs. I started 12/12 last week with my own CFL grow. My 2cents is to buy unsulphered molasses, blackstrap if available and add it to your water. 1tspn/gal. Costs $2-3. Looking forward to seeing your harvest.
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    Hey man, checking your CFL grow that you mention. You got quite the bush, looking forward to seeing those sites swell. You'll definitely pull in a good harvest for sure.

    I did add about a tsp of unsulphered molasses today, but I wasn't able to find blackstrap when I bought it a few days yea, hopefully unsulphered works.

    Did about a tsp of grow big (lol, veg nutrient in late flowering...) and a tsp of molasses in a gal of distilled. Soil is around 7 pH but runoff said it was higher (does this mean bad salt buildup?), so I tried to have the pH of the distilled and nutes today more towards 6, to balance out a little. I flushed around 3 days ago with as close to 7 pH I could get.

    Hopefully these girls grow out well in what appears to be 2-3 weeks for the more mature buds. Can't wait, too bad it doesn't look like the yield will be more than a zip, oh well.

    @gregyc--thanks for the vid, I'm not sure if training at this stage in the game will increase my yield, I'm afraid it may be too late to change the plant structure too much. Good to know though for future grows, I plan on having that problem of too big a plant. :D
  7. Yer man i kinda clocked thaqt once I watched it again :\. :eek:
  8. Wassup Man?! Any pic updates?

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