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  1. The one great classic rock band I never hear mentioned on here is Cream. You probably know them for White Room, Sunshine of you Love, Crossroads, and maybe I Feel Free. If you're into Eric Clapton and other good classic rock bands check out songs like, Tales of Brave Ullyses, Strange Brew, Anyone for Tennis?, and Wrapping Paper.. If you like drum solos watch them play Toad live. Ginger Baker does a pretty good solo. Anyone else like Cream, or am I alone?
  2. Cream is awesome! I love their style of Psychedelic Blues Rock. Clapton is at his best in Cream (IMO). Their Jams are awesome because it's in a totally different vein than most other Jam bands.. Very cool stuff.

    Also check out Blind Faith if you havent. It's the band Clapton formed after Cream. Also in this band was the drummer from Cream, Ginger Baker, and also Steve Winwood from Traffic. I love that album!

    Early Clapton was super influential on my guitar playing style, and turned me on to more psychedelic music. Not too much of the later Clapton stuff (there are a few really good gems like Cocaine and such...).

    I'm fucking rambling.. Good Shit!

  3. Big Ginger Baker fan here too. Love his style, one of the better drummers of his time without a doubt.
  4. I'm a huge Cream fan. I was lucky enough to see one of there three concerts in NY this past fall. It was one of the best I've ever been to.
  5. Damn, really? Those tickets were pretty expensive. Did you smoke at all, or no?
  6. My uncle bought the tickets for me cause he's a huge Cream fan also. I went with him and a friend of mine. We got there about an hour early and smoked before we went inside.
  7. cream is awesome. political man is great, the guitar work on that song is sweet.

    i saw their recent concert on pbs it was good. i have a feeling they did it for the money though.
  8. "Do What You Like" off of blind faith has an amazing drum solo (along with bass, guitar, and organ solos).. he goes into this polyrythmic stuff.. just awesome!:smoking:
  9. Cream fan here too. Disraeli Gears is a great album.
    Also, I'm totally jealous of you, mr_mojorisin. :p That must have been quite the experience.


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