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    Hi Peeps, heres some info on a grow I just started,

    I've just popped 6 fem beans, I won them in a competition in WeedWorld Magazine few issues back, I got 15 seeds altogether but I planted the rest a few months ago, they are done and dusted now and I got left:

    2 x Skunk 1 X Afghan
    2 x Powerplant X Lavender
    2 x Northerlights X Belladonna

    I planted these in an organic potting mix with no nutes added, I watered these with an ACT, they popped above ground in 48 hours and they growing nice.

    I got some soil cooking at the mo which they will be potted up into when they need re-potting form 1ltr pots;
    1/3rd westlands organic potting soil(cheap shit)
    1/3rd homemade vermicompost, I just sieved the bedding with a 1/8th inch screen and used what came through.
    1/3rd perlite.

    I made 2 cuft of mix to this I added;
    2 cups of kelp
    1 cup fish,blood and bone
    1 cup of neem meal
    8 cups of volcanic rock dust
    .................................................. ................

    I was just wondering If anyone else has grown these plants and if they got any pics? \t\t\t\t\t\t

    This is just to get my feet wet s to speak, and while I collect all my other nutrients, and while my compost pile comes ready...
  2. That skunk x afghan sounds promising, especially if you manage to get a few decent phenotypes.

    Closest I have going compared to that is Hindu Kush, though I doubt that helps. :D

    Good luck, looking forward to checking out your journal if you do one.
  3. I duno if I will do a journal this is my smallest grow I've ever done, I started of my first grow 5 or 6 years ago in bigger space lol, due to security I had to stop my big op which was a 2 bedroom flat both rooms had 4200 watts but after 1 grow I get a letter through the door from the counsel saying the electrics need changing throughout the building but they don't know when they are coming so I decided not to do another untill they have been.. This is 6 plants in my wardrobe just because I have to grow something my depression really gets bad when i'm not growing, I don't even smoke but just addicted to growing so 6 plants better than no plants heh?! Maybe I will just post pics from time to time

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