Crazyest drunk storys

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  1. C'mon lets here it crazy shit happens when your drunk....
  2. Ok so i went up to New Hampshire for a week and my cousins went up to canada for 3 days and they came back with 5 bottles ( sky vodka, grey goose, a handle of grey goose, captian morgan, and baccardi). So we all went over to a friends apartment, we all sittin on a deck over there passing the bottles takin shots, this girl was already piss drunk by the time I got there (when i say piss drunk i mean she was knocked off her ass she pissed her self) and she was in her bathing suit she came over running around the deck and jumped on me and was all over me eventually she tipped over and took me with her right off the deck (earlier i hurt my wrist on a trampoline so this hurt like a son of a bitc*). I was pretty pissed off by this point and basically drank to the pain went away eventually it did. By the time the pain was gone I was pretty gone so i was yelling and stumbling eventually i hadda piss but the girl who tipped me over was throwing up so i went outside and pissed came back inside and layed down next to a pan, and started spanking someones ass dont remember who but I was then basically puked a couple times and went to bed woke up at like 1 drank a little more and passed out. SORRY ITS SO LONG
  3. Can you believe?

    I posted this drunk?

    Crazy story.

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