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  1. I Kind Of Had A Lucid Dream I Was In My Basement Smoking With Some Friends I Told My Friend To Spark Up And He Went Into My Basement Bathroom To Roll Up Then I Decided To Look At My Hands To See If I Was Awake (I Have Been Doing This Lately)

    My Fingers Were A Lil Stubby Now That I Think About It But What Made Me Kinda Realize I Was Dreaming I Had A Top Portion Of A Stickman (His Head And Shoulders Yess shoulders I Say Stick Man Cuz His Head Was Just A Round Circle) And From What I Could See He Had A Tuxedo With A Red Bow I Was Like Wtf Im Dreaming This Is Where I Went Lucid For A Second Cuz I Walked Around On My Free Will Then I Tried To Poke My Finger Through My Hand It Wouldnt Go Through Then I Was Like Nahhhhhh Im Not Dreaming But I Realized When I Woke Up I Could See My Finger Trying To Come Through On The Other Side

    Dont Remember Much After That But It Was Hard As Hell Trying To Convince My Self I Was Dreaming

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