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crazy weed names !

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by bigtg, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. ok so there are a bunch of crazy names for bud ; but what are some of the craziest that u've heard of ?


  2. graham crackers


  3. i think i seen a strain called dogshit a couple years ago in high times
  4. I like Alaskan Thunderfuck
  5. oogity boogity

  6. had some shit yesterday that my dealer called Bangkok Dangerous. Shit was pretty dangerous too
  7. Dat Scuba Steve.
  8. Haiwaiian Snow and Afghan GOO
  9. haha baddass
    from big daddy
  10. ive smoked afghan goo recently
    all i know was it was sticky and good
  11. I bought some really good shit once that the dealer called Beetle Juice. Also, this really high guy once tried to sell me a bag full of oregano (i think he was strung out on crack) and told me that it was a weird oregano look-alike weed named "jumprope applesauce" (again, he was reeeeeaaaaallly high on crack), and when i told him that it was oregano, he just laughed, made up the look-alike story, and when i still didn't buy it, he said, and i quote "well, you know what....." i just walked away after 5 min. Don't do crack children, just stick to the herb :smoking:
  12. i just smoked some double-super-silver-sour-diesel-dawg-haze-gum
  13. Automatic AK47 X Auto Hindu Kush F1

    Say whaaat?
  14. snozberry
  15. I had some bud over the weekend called Dreamsicle Piff. It was good shit. 2 nice bong rips and I was high as can be.
  16. in my culture we have names like "MUHONI" (psychedelic); "TULSI" (named after the medicinal indian plant, because of its resemblance to the purple texture); "MANIPURI" (named after a place) and lots more....i bet these names would sound weird to you people from the west
  17. I was in Colorado and met a grower in the Keystone/Dillon, CO area and he only grew one strain, over and over. He called it Harry Larry, which was appropriate.
  18. i've picked up some weird names recently too..

    sour snow

    royal tiger

    love potion #1 which is fantastic
  19. Sour Snow probably implies that it's Sour Diesel x Snow cap

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