Crazy very trippy night answers ?

Discussion in 'General' started by SinsOfJaat, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Hey guys my names joe , and i smoke weed most weekends , but today i have the day of college 
    So i just went an got msyelf a tenz i just smoked a Joint i made it around 90% weed and 10% tobbaco 
    and well im feeling weird.
    I feel like everything is just very crazy , my friends who i was with kept trying to freak me out by telling me that i was dreaming and that i was assleep and that there were mosters after me.
    Now i just got home and im really tripping out listening to music feels like its racing through my head , smoking a ciggerete feels like im breathing in red hot smoke. I also now feel kind of paranoid and like there are people behind me , every noise is just freaking me out i think its like a moster creaping around 
    . My question is what the fuck is up with this weed?
    It feels like im on acid or something 
    Laced or just very strong ?
    Also sorry for spelling , typed very quick and im very stoned

  2. You got some good shit.

    Say it with me, 'relaaaaax'. You'll be good unless you start thinking your a lizard and licking ice cream because your overheated, then no worries.
  3. Inhale exhale
    its just weed, get the worries off your mind and enjoy
  4. Your friends mind fucked you. "can you feel it?"
  5. Thanks guys ;)
  6. There seems to be an unusual preponderance of people having paranoid episodes after smoking. Therefore, I think the logical conclusion is that the Government has started lacing marijuana crops with PCP.
  7. Don't smoke weed.
  8. Hey, that's just like, your opinion maaan :smoke:

    If you're tripping ^ this hard, then you're good.
    However if that felt like a lullaby, slow down on tha bud :smoke:

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