crazy UPS story

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  1. here is one about MDMA at the bottom of this page:

    and a new one i found out tonight:

    so aparently a 40 pound box came down a belt last month and ripped open and...... mary jane came gusshing out of the beast. forty freakin pounds of it! oh my i wish i was in there. anyway they called the guy and he said he'd come down so UPS called the cops but he never showed (of course).

    who the hell ships that much? how much is that even worth? that would be the best night of my life! :smoking::cool:
  2. oo i need to get a job with UPS thats an estimated value of 176,000 worth of bud... I wish I had that much...
  3. That's a lot of smoke.

  4. When you buy that much, it is not going to run you $4,400 a pound. And I bet it was schwagg because there is no way they could fit 40 lbs of kb in one package. I dont htink you can reven buy that much kb.
  5. I think I'd smoke a couple ounces, and just throw the rest of it around in the air (if I was still on planet earth. When I get really baked I often go out into space for a little.)
  6. Ive seen a few DEALERS buy bud for 4400 a lb its just how the bud flows been but as I said it was an estimate.
  7. I Work At Ups. I Fucking Hate It And Ups Management Are Modern Day Slave Drivers. Fuck Them. If I Do Find Weed In A Package Im Taking As Much As Possible. Fuck Them. Dont Ship Ups Or Your Shit Will Get Damaged Do To Mishandled Products. Fuck Them Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  8. k, im back from work :) not only did i scan every box but i smellt them like a dog :D
  9. UPS= Ur Privacy Sucks

    I never ship anything via UPS. And who the fuck ships 40P of smoke.. had to be bricked beyond belief. Pay someone 2k to drive that shit...

  10. Good work! :D
  11. people, this man speaks the truth, you have no idea. i hate how they try to make you work through break and shit. most of the time we're like whatever and just walk away cuz through the union we're guaranteed break at our 3. man loading trailers is hard work, that why i'm up in air bay now :hello: lounging my ass off tiill i become a supervisor. you work the morning shift?
  12. i work nights. from 11:15 pm till whenever they feel like releasing us. I never know what time i get off. But yeah, im a loader. its allright. I hate the fact that if you wanna good position in UPS you have to join management. I fucking hate management. basically they said " do you want to go management?" and i said "suck my dick" and they said " no, you gotta suck my dick" and i said "fuck that suck mine" and they said "sorry but it dont work that way" and i said "forget it then" :D
  13. Hahahahhahahahha^^^

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