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crazy times with weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fer405, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. When I used to deal in hs I would always party on the weekends and this white girl showed up she was a sexy little thing, she was my buds cousin through marriage Or sum shit and I supplied the party with weed and I sit next to her and ignore her just smoking a j and she leans over to me and says how do you say I wanna fuck you in spanish!! So I look at her and say "te quiero cojer" and she smiles and says Yea and then she said do yu know wat a tounge ring is for and I said no what and she says I like to suck dick. So I wipe my sweat of my head lol and get up to get a beer and she puts her hand down my pants in front of everyone and says what is this and I pull her closer and I do the same and I start rubbing her pussy not thinkin about anythin and she stops me and says let's go to the room.(we are at my buddys brothers apartment and he is fucked up in the bathroom with his girl throwing up lol ) so I take her in his room and start making out with her undressing her and shit when everyone walks in and says wat the fuck are you guys doing, how are you gonna fuck her on my brothers bed that's fucked up and shit and I say ok my bad and they leave so I keep at it and then my bud comes in and says stop playin don't do it lol major cock block and I say ok Imma take her to my truck and he leaves, so I carry her into the walk in closet and close the door lol and I eat her out and fuck her brains out she says I'm the biggest she's ever had so I'm feeling pretty good and she takes off my condom and I stop and she grabs my dick and puts in inside her and says fuck me hard. So I'm going hard about to cum and I tell her Imma cum and she says ok cum inside me and I say goddamn and don't ask any questions I bust my load inside her feeling real good I got her number and then she got mad cuz I cheated on her and now here I am today lol

    Post your crazy stories whether you got laid Or did sum real crazy shit
  2. At this point I would've probably hit up a motel, anything would've been classier, even a McDonald's bathroom.

    How chivalrous you are, what an ideal location.

    She thought you cheated on her, after a closet fuck? Sounds like she's not too good at judging genuine relationships, I wouldn't call back unless you are a combination of really drunk and desperate. But hell, if you want, go for it; I've seen people do more with less.
  3. Stealth bragging topic.

    Move along here.
  4. Grats on getting laid. I stay away from chicks who instantly wanna fuck because I always wonder about the 200+ other guys she asked that to.
  5. After the closet fuck we started dating and then Facebook happened lol And Yea she said I was her third and that she really liked me aNd she was hot so I liked her too
  6. I imagine you must be the poon master, right?

  7. She personally took the condom off of him and told him to cum inside her.
    That hoe aint got no class anyhow dude!:wave:
  8. lol wow man this sounds like it took place in a trailer park
  9. OP, sounds like you bagged yourself a Grade C floozy!
  10. Lol @ DriftingApart's post.
  11. #11 bp4er, Mar 11, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 12, 2012
    "Crazy times with STweeD's" Shoulda been title of this thread
  12. Haha nah she was clean shit happens when your fucked up though

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