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Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by stayinlifted, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Why would god want to do his job? like wtf? Who is making him do this? Nobody? oh ok well then what the fuck is he doing here? we were just a dinosaur infested rock when he chose/was forced to/bought/was high, when he picked our planet. what made him want us? and grow us to what we are today? what are his future plans with us and this planet? is he profiting from it? Of course he is! think about all the fuckin work he would have to do. reading prayers and managing dead people. OLD dead people. I'm telling you right now it's not for fun. damn that would suck. Ok if god is the creator of heaven and earth...what the fuck is space?! and then wtf is all those little fuckin solar systems and galaxys we can see way out there? I think "God" is holding us back from Star Trek, essentially, but a Star Trek type adventure from NASA. Crazy thoughts. Anyway, I'm just curious about the people above God. His bosses. and if you ask yourself does he have bosses? and your answer is no, then think about it just a little bit deeper and ask yourself, Why is he doing it? crazy thoughts you got on my laptop again you crazy mother f'er
  2. I just realized that shrinks could save thousands of hours every year by skipping the whole paperwork thing for a psychological evaluation.

    Based on this post, all they really need to do is hand someone a joint. :D

    Take another hit bro and relax. You're thinking just a bit too hard there.

    Is he "profiting"...LOL...That cracked me up.
  3. hes really a mob boss undercover
    ithink he was in the godfather
  4. nope your wrong ^

    God made a second coming to earth back in the day. He got super fuckin baked with the mayans, and started spilling secrets. Mary isn't really a virgin, she was the town whore. And he is ending the word in 2012 because by that time the worlds economy/government is a giant shithole, and he thought that he would try a second time at making a good race. So the mayans set out to spread the word with their calender.
  5. ohhh man... your post really brought me the lulz! :yay:

    how much did you smoke before you came up with this theory?
  6. dude god is a total stoner, how many people out there have thought about makeing a planet with little people in his image? better question... how can the universe never end?
    and if it does whats outside of it?
  7. What if God has a dad and a bunch of siblings and their dad gave each of them a planet to look after and care for... and God was a stoner and just went crazy! And then he got greedy and wanted to make earth better than his brothers and sisters planet... maybe he IS profiting... :eek:

  8. :eek: oh my god. Brilliance. Well I was pretty fucked up, 2gs of straberry kush. But this. I gotta think about this when im stoned this weekend. :O
  9. WTF....

    keep smoking bruh.....


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