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  1. I just picked up some rolls from a source that's been really reliable, for a good price (12 per.) Thing is, when I got them in and looked at them, they were the exact size of skittles! I've never seen pills so big before. My friend did half of one though, and was rolling his face off. They're definitely good, but they're huge! They're not thick though; if stacks were real, it would definitely be a 'single stack.'

    They're white playboys, for anyone interested, and they've been getting bomb reviews on report sites. No bowtie, somewhat chalky.

    I can't wait to enjoy 'em! I can't roll for another few weeks though, since I just did at a rave I was at. x.o
  2. does it have a g on one side
  3. Are you located in the midwest?
  4. Sounds like a good time. We got these little pink stars (they're actually star shaped) going around that are absolutely amazing! :D

    Haha, I was gonna ask the same thing. They sound like the G's Up Hoe's Down's that have been goin around for a while now (also called G-Ladies for short).
  5. I thought the G-Ladies had the mudflap chick on one side not the playboy bunny?

    OP, nice pickup btw.
  6. The mudflap chick is the Ho. That happens to be down..... hahaha
  7. Yeah, they do. I missed the part in his post where he said they were playboys, lol.
  8. G's Up Hoes Down FTW. Those were the first rolls I ever took and they were AMAZING.
  9. Lol oh ok. I thought I was misinformed this whole time and was about to go smack my dealer lmao.

  10. Yeah dude,the pink stars are a very good roll.

    Sounds like what Cotton said to me.Oh never mind there Playboy's.
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    I have white playboy's on me now, chalky as well but regular sized as far as my regular rolls go. Good roll for sure.

    EDIT: wait, 12 bucks per roll is good there? where the fuck you live man? my rolls cost me some loose change.
  12. nice dude, have a fuckin great roll. good vibes bro.
  13. Yeah man... $10-$20 is pretty average in the U.S.A. :) Some places it's cheaper/more expensive, but that's pretty average, overall.
  14. Average price around here is 20 in clubs (Either pills or molly, which is actually pretty common to see in clubs,) or 10-15 if you have a good source. The last batch I picked up, yellow glocks, were 15 each. Totally worth every penny, though. We'll see how these go.

    Thanks, own3d ;3

    Why yes sir, I am.
  15. I would gladly pay that for a good bean.

    My rolls are cheap as hell, but also shit!

  16. If these pink stars are the same as the one's we had a little while back (also star shaped as well), then they're the hands-down strongest pills I've ever had other than pure mdma in capsules.

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